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Feel the Thrill 10" Beaded Sounds

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Treat your package for being a good boy with our Feel the Thrill 10" Beaded Sounds. These devices are sure to make all your dick fantasies come true!

These toys are made of premium grade stainless steel, a material that is perfect for massaging the most sensitive areas of your dick. It is also hypoallergenic to make sure that it is safe to use even in the most sensitive areas of the body.
The urethra is actually lined with a lot of nerve endings that can be stimulated through passing a hard, smooth material in it. This is where our plugs come in handy.

The length of this variant is a good 10 inches, which is very ample to reach the deepest corners of the dick. As you progress through your plug journey, you will find how you will want to indulge in larger plugs to reach that certain lusty high. This variant offers a variety of widths that will cater to your needs, the smallest measures 0.19 inch in diameter and the largest having a good 0.39 inch, all your cock filling needs will be fulfilled.

Starting in sounding, you have to remember some very easy steps to keep it healthy. First, you have to make sure that the plug is sterilized so that it is safe from harmful microbes. It is also vital to clean the surrounding areas of the cock to disinfect the surfaces that may come in contact with the plug. Lubrication is also very important to make sure that insertion inside the dick is easy-breezy.

As you feel the cold, uneven surface of the plug, you will feel certain arousal that is very unique to plugging. It will awaken dormant carnal needs you thought you never had!

Feel the amazing thrill of plugging now!

Color Silver
Style Beaded design with a ring
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 10 inches
Width 0.19 inches, 0.23 inches, 0.27 inches, 0.31 inches, 0.35 inches, 0.39 inches
Weight 0.09kgs (0.2lbs)
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant