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Prince wands

Royalty never felt more magical than with our Prince Wands collection!

Whether you decided to get a Prince Albert's piercing or not, you can add more to your royal subject. We have the perfect regalia for you in our Lustplugs Prince's Wands collection.

The Prince Wands collection consists of several designs fit for your little princehood. The wand, covered by a removable cap, usually has a hollow body. For pierced penises, they feature a penis wand with a decoration that you can screw on and off and insert into the piercing. The decoration ranges from a simple ball on one side, on two sides, or even a magical middle finger. On the other hand, for unpierced penises, they feature rings that act as adornment and support to keep it in place. This allows them to give the look of having pierced penis. You will surely feel your penis transform you into the blue-blooded metal prince that you are!

Rest assured, you're safe with any of the products in our Prince Wands collection. These are all made from medical grade stainless steel, and they undergo various quality control tests. They are free from any harmful chemicals like phthalate, BPA, dioxin, and latex. This will prevent you from having any allergy attacks. In addition, stainless steel adds weight to your experience. This gives a fuller feeling while you're wearing your wands. More importantly, they are strong and sturdy. You won't have to worry about it breaking apart inside your strong prince.

Doubling as piercing jewelry and penis plugs, our Prince Wands collection provides both style and stimulation. Once you've chosen the right heirloom for you, make sure to lubricate generously to ease it in smoothly. The urethra has a narrow opening so you'll have an easier with a large amount of lube. Keep in mind to insert and remove it only while you're flaccid. This prevents any injury inside your urethral walls. Before and after use, you can clean it with antibacterial toy cleaner or water with mild soap. Take care of your highness down under.

If you have a pierced penis, remove the decoration from the main shaft, and slowly insert the wand into your penis. Once everything's in place, you can now screw the piercing back on to keep it in place. However, if you have an unpierced penis, simply insert the wand into your penis. Secure it in place by putting the ring around the glans. Usually, both kinds have a hollow body which allows you to urinate or ejaculate while it's in. Walk around with a piece of royalty inside you.

More than a piece of jewelry, our Prince Wands collection can push you into the high life. Several users claim to feel more confident while wearing their product of choice from the collection. It gives them a boost in their self-esteem and a feeling of rock-hard royalty. Furthermore, you will also get stronger erections in wearing the prince's wands. These items can also improve erectile dysfunction, and the longer ones can give you stronger stimulation through prostate play. No matter what style you choose, you will get a royal treatment.

Brace yourself and become an heir to our Prince Wand collection!