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Silicone penis plugs

It doesn't take much to keep a man's cock happy. All it takes is a good massage and a good blowing and you're good to go! And while that's all good (okay, we're gonna stop now), you can't help but feel unappreciated with the attention that Little Johnny is getting. Calm your horses; this is what we're here for. We are dedicated to giving you complete satisfaction to make your cocks feel like they matter; they're just as important as vaginas, and pleasing them shouldn't be an issue. With our urethral sex toys on the way, it will never be the same again.

Penis plugs are the best sex toys to use for beginners and the appropriate masturbation companions for experts. They are both loved and enjoyed by all but it takes a while to get used to. Urethral sex toys are no joke; you can't just grab a plug and yank it in anytime you want. Urethral dilation takes patience and self-control before you achieve the results that you've always wanted. It's not that easy to train your urethra to seamlessly swallow a dilator. That's why penis plugs are the first step in achieving urethral domination. Yes, that's a thing.

In terms of picking the correct material to use (especially if you're a first-timer), there's no doubt that our Silicone Penis Plugs are the heroes for this dilemma. Penis plugs can be made from both stainless steel and silicone, but if you're looking for a more forgiving and flexible tool to work with, silicone is the way to go for you. The material is pliable and very easy to manipulate making the plug more comfortable and less painful to put on. Furthermore, our team ensures that the quality of silicone used for our plugs are medical grade, and free from any harmful elements such as latex, BPA, and phthalate.

There are different lengths and styles available for our Silicone Penis Plugs. Beginners can start with our 2-inch plugs: Put A Ring On It and Jizzoka, while pleasure and thrill seekers will want to give our Soft Desires penis plug a try, which goes up to 12 inches in length. Silicone is also capable of being molded into many different shapes: from a beaded Lovely Mechanical Thruster, a nail-shaped Nail That Stiffy, to a tool shaped Screwdriving Me Crazy. Finally, if you want your cock to start fluttering about with excitement and bliss, we have a vibrating penis plug where euphoria can be achieved with just a push of a button.

Taking care of your very own Silicone Penis Plug is as easy as it is to take in. Before and after care consists of thoroughly cleaning it with mild soap or a sex toy cleaner and warm water. Some say that disinfecting the plug further with alcohol also helps remove their worries of having more germs and bacteria lurking on the plug. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of your favorites and bring it home to you. We can guarantee that happiness and satisfaction is just a plug away!