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About Us

Welcome to Lustplugs! My name’s Steve and I run the show around here.

Here at Lustplugs, our mission is to bring safe and enjoyable urethral play to as many people as possible. Initially the mission was much smaller, only focusing on our local area. Over time we grew and decided to expand our mission. Now we want to help people all over the world enjoy this rare and amazing sexual practice!

Now you might wonder how I got into this kind of business. It’s not really a pleasant story for me, but I still tell it to help my customers understand how important this is to me. I first tried urethral sounding a few years ago and let’s just say it didn’t go well. I ended up in hospital and still feel some of the effects today. If I’d had someone teaching me the safe way to do this, maybe I wouldn’t have suffered the permanent damage I did.

So here I am, helping you to learn from my mistakes! But I don’t do it alone. We’re a small team but I couldn’t do it without them. They help me writing our content and articles, sourcing our products, sending out orders, and of course helping you guys out. We’re all committed to giving you the best products and the best service. So take a look around, and let us guide you through your first steps into the world of urethral play!