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Sounds of MuSEX 8" Urethral Stick

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Ever want to try something extremely adventurous in sex play? You may want to have a thrilling experiment with this Sounds of MuSex 8-Inch Urethral Stick. Get your partner into the game and have a medical roleplay. The Sounds of MuSex 8-Inch Urethral Stick has an exquisite design to make play interesting and safe.

The stainless steel at the end is smooth and tapered for your comfort. Its shaft is made of silicone, and on the opposite side is a ring holder also made of stainless steel. These 2 excellent materials are non-porous and are therefore not prone to bacteria build-up. Being heat-resistant, they can be sterilized repeatedly. Meanwhile, the length of this sound, 8 inches, will definitely reach untapped regions of your manhood.

For the pre-roleplay, boil some water and sterilize the “tool”. Get into the shower with your “doctor” and make sure to get really clean. Ready for the play? The doctor should wear surgical gloves and grab a tube of 100% sterile lube. And you, being the “patient”, should lie down, relax, and trust that your doctor will be nice. She knows exactly how delicate your urethra is, so she will be using a lot of lube. In goes the metal/silicone catheter slowly and gently. Feel the stretching of your urethra and listen to your body closely when it’s taken over by unique sensations.

Now, your naughty doctor may tease you from time to time by stroking your cock. But remember, you’ll make her job easier by not getting hard until it’s completely in. Keep it flaccid until the doctor has reached the most erogenous part-your prostate! Savor that incomparable pleasure brought about by direct prostate stimulation and stay in that sublime state of euphoria. Hold the inevitable until the catheter is removed. It’s time to reward the doctor for her gentle hands with a cock as hard as steel.

If you want to take your sex play to the next level, then add this Sounds of MuSex 8-Inch Urethral Stick in your collection.

Color Silver, White/Clear
Style A cylindrical tube connected with stainless steel; tapered front end and a ring holder on the opposite.
Material Stainless steel, Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 8 in.
Width 0.3 in.
Ring size 0.98 in. and 1.25 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize for 30 mins upon unboxing, then let it boil for 5 minutes for the succeeding uses. Sterilizing should be before and after use. Dry it before storing