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Silicone Urethral Plugs

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Craving for something new is what fuels us all to achieve greater heights of pleasure. It’s time to break the sexual plateau with the Silicone Plugs!

Choose the shortest and smoothest if you are new to cock plugging game. But with a little or some experience, go for the textured and longer ones.

The bullet-shaped plug tickles and stimulates the entrance. Insert this in your pee-hole and experience erotic bliss that will radiate from your dick to your whole body. The beaded or ribbed options provide more stimulation and have further reach for deeper penetration. Stick one of them into your urethra, and leave it plugged or twist it to relish the sensation. These cock stuffers are made of silicone, so they will flex as needed.

No one can actually tell you how pleasurable it is until you’ve tried it. Grab yours now!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Type Silicone plug, Wand, Sound, Sound, Beaded sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: A - 4.53 inches, C - 4.72 inches, D - 3.74 inches, E - 1.85 inch
Width: A - 0.10 inch tip, 0.31 inch widest; C - 0.18 inch tip, 0.30 inch widest; D - 0.10 inch tip, 0.31 inch widest; E - 0.10 inch tip, 0.31 inch widest;