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Cum After Me 18" Urethral Sound

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Exploring your body is one of the most fulfilling activity that you can do to know what makes you tick and boost your self-confidence. You can always use the advantage of having a nice toy to make every solo play a little different. The amazing Cum After Me 18" Sound is sure to make a mark on your solo play as well as foreplay with your partner.

The penis has numerous amounts of stimulators that you can explore and play with. You will be surprised to know that the urethra has a myriad of nerve endings that are very sensitive to a little stimulation. This plug is made of silicone which is a very nice material to have that very flexible insert but still be able to enjoy that amazing lusty massage. The length of this plug is 17.7 inches with a width of 0.2 inch, a great expanse to deliver that stimulation with just a little movement. And as an addition, this variant also vibrates to give you a higher level of arousal!

If you are just starting on the use of these plugs, you should know that it is vital to sterilize the toy before using it. Furthermore, it is important to know that cleaning the penis, the balls, as well as your hands, are some of the most important steps to maintain healthy plugging.

You should also remember that the lubrication is such a big part in making the whole experience fun as they will make it easier for you to glide the probe inside. As you are inserting the plug for the first time, remember that feeling a little uncomfortable is normal but as you insert it deep inside the cock, you will be surprised at the shock of the amazing pleasure this plug creates.

Grab this toy now and start your lusty exploration!

Color Pink
Style Cylindrical shape with a tapered front end and housing for the vibrator with a button
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 17.7 inches
Width 0.2 inch
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant