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Is Urethral Insertion Safe

At first glance, urethral insertion might sound like something you’d see in a horror movie. In a world of many strange and unusual sexual practises though, urethral insertion is just one of many. For those who enjoy it, this can be one of their favourite activities, and one they enjoy the most.

What is Urethral Insertion?

Urethral Insertion is a relatively simple practise in theory. It is the insertion of toys into the urethra in order to experience pleasurable feelings. In practise though, things are a little more complicated. The process of inserting objects into the urethra is quite delicate, and there are many dangers in the process.

Medical Uses of Urethral Insertion

This is the most traditional type of urethral insertion that exists. The medical insertion involves using sounds and probes throughout the length of the inner urethra. These can either be for exploration or for treatment. The main purpose is to help clear obstructions or to gradually enlarge the urethral tube, making it easier for the patient to pass urine through the tube.

Recreational Urethral Insertion

Recreational urethral insertion is the use people will be planning when they decide to buy their own penis plugs or urethral sounds. This kind of insertion is done with the intent of feeling sexual pleasure or stimulation. The feeling of having something stretching the urethral tube can put extra pressure on the surrounding nerves, so even if the insertion itself doesn’t provide a huge amount of pleasure, the feelings you get from your regular sexual activity will be amplified.

Dangers of Urethral Insertion

Due to the incredibly sensitive and delicate nature of the urethra, there are understandable risks when you begin to insert anything into it. The most common of these is bacterial infections. In both men and women, the urethra is able to pick up infections very easily, especially when inserting foreign objects into them. Therefore, it’s important to always make sure your urethral toys are clean and sterile.

Another danger is hurting the sensitive skin of the area. This can be caused a number of different ways. If your urethral toy is damaged or manufactured incorrectly, there may be rough patches or scratches in the surface of it. These need to be filed down or removed before the toy is inserted, or you may damage your urethral tube.

Similarly, being too rough with your urethral toys can also cause cuts or abrasions to the urethra. When inserting your toy, you should never push or force it in, but instead let it gently slide in. If it gets stuck at any point, you can try gently rotating it and seeing if it’ll go further, but if not, it’s always better to stop and try again later.

The final way you might damage your urethra is by simply not using lubrication. The urethra doesn’t produce any of its own lubrication, so this problem is easily avoided by making sure you always use lubricant with your urethral toys. Your lubricants should always be a sterile variety, or you run the same risks as inserting a dirty toy.

Ultimately, Urethral insertion is safe, as long as you are careful and knowledgeable about what you are doing. With the right care and attention, you can find something you truly enjoy about urethral play, and avoid all of the dangers and risks of the process.

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