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Penis Plugs FAQ

Want to try out a new type of sex toy? It's time for you to plug into a whole new world of pleasurable delights!

If you've wondered how it feels to insert things into your penis, you can find out smoothly with our Lustplug Penis Plugs collection. With our wide variety of assortments, you will find one that can fit you.

Our Penis Plugs collection features different sizes, shapes, and materials. Generally, penis plugs are short cylindrical rods, sometimes hollow from our Cum-Thru Penis Plugs, that can either be tapered, ribbed, or ridged. At the end of the penis plugs, you will find ring handles or bars that prevent them from going too deep. It gets even better since some plugs have jewels, like Penis Wands, so you can have a sensational time. Aside from that, your plugs can have rings like our Penis Plugs with Rings collection around it or even small balls.

If you're wondering if it's safe to put something inside the penis, don't worry! All of our materials undergo proper quality control procedures from raw material to its fantastic finished product. They are all tested, approved, and regulated by the authorities. Generally, the products from our Penis Plugs collection are made of either silicone or stainless steel. These are free from any harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalate, latex, and dioxin. Additionally, they are non-porous materials which prevent bacterial growth. You're perfectly safe in inserting into this new world of pleasure.

Originally, penis plugs are used in the medical field to treat patients who have urinary tract problems. After some time, people started to realize the stimulation of penetrating the penis. Contrary to popular belief, women can also use penis plugs with a shorter length called urethral plugs. Since the urethra is a very sensitive part of the body, our Penis Plugs collection can send waves of pleasure throughout your body.

Our Penis Plugs collection can be used for all sorts of play - solo or partner. Mainly, you can use them for masturbation due to the sensitive nature of the urethra. You can also use them for BDSM play by letting the dominant partner take control of the plug since penis plugs restrict ejaculation. Moreover, you can gain stronger and harder erection in using penis plugs. In just a short period of time, you can have a rock-hard erection.

You can also bedazzle yourself with our Penis Plugs collection since they have rings, hoops, or jewels on them. Some of them, like our Penis Wands, can make it look like your penis look pierced. There are also penis plugs which are specifically for pierced penis - the Prince's wands. These not only bring out sexual energy but also make your penis look sexier than it already is.

Once you go through our Penis Plugs collection, make sure to consider the right one for you especially the size. You can stock up on lubricant since you'll be inserting the plug into your urethra. The lubricant will help you feel only the smoothest of pleasure in plugging it in. Also, make sure to insert and remove only when your penis is flaccid to avoid hurting yourself. You can also lie down to let gravity help you out when you place it in. Once you're wearing your penis plugs, you will definitely feel a fuller sensation down under.

Partake in the pleasurable palace with your very own from our Penis Plugs collection!


What is penis stuffing/cock stuffing?

Penis stuffing, sometimes known as cock stuffing, is the practise of inserting objects into the opening of the penis for sexual pleasure.

What is a penis plug?

A penis plug is an sex toy designed to be inserted into the urethra for sexual stimulation.

When were penis plugs invented?

Many people believe that the act of cock stuffing is relatively modern, so penis plugs are a new invention. In fact, the first recorded use of both penis plugs and cock rings dates back to 1200AD by chinese royalty. There were also numerous medical devices used throughout history by inserting them into the urethra.

Are there any other names for penis plugs?

While penis plug is the most common name for this kind of sex toy, you might often see them referred to as cock plugs, or sometimes urethral plugs.

What do you do with a penis plug?

A penis plug is inserted into the urethra. Once inside it can either be left there to provide additional stimulation while you take part in other sexual activities, or slid in and out of the urethra, much like other sex toys with the vagina or anus.

Are penis plugs only for men?

Despite the name, women can use penis plugs in exactly the same way men can.

Are there penis plugs for women?

Yes! While women can use the same penis plugs as men, they have much shorter urethras than men so there are some penis plugs designed specifically to suit a woman’s urethra.

Why do people use penis plugs?

The most obvious answer to this is that they enjoy it! However there can be several other reasons for someone to use a penis plug. For some it’s simply exploring their body in a way that they haven’t before. Others enjoy the sense of “wrongness” or “naughtyness” that comes with doing something you wouldn’t normally do. There can be many more reasons as unique as the individuals who enjoy penis plugs!

Why do people enjoy urethral stimulation?

Urethral stimulation can provide some incredibly intense sensations that are hard to find from any other body part or sexual practise. This is due to the extremely dense concentrations of nerve endings found in the urethra.

Are penis plugs only for people who enjoy BDSM?

While penis plugs are a staple in the collections of many a BDSM practitioner, they aren’t solely for the enjoyment of the kinkier among us. Even the most vanilla sex artists out there can enjoy urethral stimulation with a little patience and practise.

What do penis plugs feel like?

Generally, penis plugs should feel pleasurable! While you might experience some anxiety or tension when inserting the plug, or some difficulty relaxing during the process, once you manage to move past these feelings the process should be something you won’t forget anytime soon.

Can you feel a penis plug inside your urethra?

Yes. Unlike some other sex toys, you will always know that a penis plug is inside your body. While this can be overwhelming when you first start using them, over time you will become accustomed to the feelings and be able to relax and enjoy the experience.

How big are penis plugs?

Most penis plugs will only be around two or three inches long, although some will be up to five inches or so. It is rare to find longer penis plugs than this. In terms of width, penis plugs are usually measured in mm, with the larger plugs reaching twelve or even fifteen millimeters in diameter.

Do penis plugs hurt?

Many people who start to use penis plugs will experience some level of pain from them. This is due to the stretching of the urethra. For most people this will subside over time, although some find that they enjoy this pain and seek to maintain it while they use their penis plug.

Are penis plugs safe?

As long as you use penis plugs in a controlled manner and take the necessary precautions when using them, they are perfectly safe to use.

Are there risks when you use a penis plug?

There are always risks when you insert objects into your body, especially with an area as sensitive as the urethra. However these risks can be minimised with proper preparation and taking care when using your penis plugs.

Can penis plugs give me a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Urinary tract infections are generally caused by germs and bacteria finding their way into the urethral canal. If these germs or bacteria are present when you insert your penis plug then it is possible that they will cause you to contract a urinary tract infection.

Can a penis plug damage my urethra?

Penis plugs will naturally stretch your urethra while you wear them. This may seem scary at first, but it is in no way damaging to your urethra. The main ways you can damage your urethra while using penis plugs are by tearing, or puncturing it. As long as you use appropriately sized plugs and take your time inserting them, these injuries are unlikely to happen.

Will my urethra be permanently stretched?

No! Once you have removed your penis plug your urethra will gradually return to its original state over time.

Do doctors think penis plugs are safe?

While there isn’t a great body of information on the medical opinion of penis plugs, there are some doctors who have talked about them. These doctors have not said that you cannot use penis plugs, although they do urge care. There are also many medical devices similar to penis plugs which are regularly used to treat various conditions.

Is there any medical advice for wearing penis plugs?

It’s difficult to find specific medical advice regarding penis plugs, as it’s not something doctors cover in great detail often. Most of the time the advice will simply be “do not insert objects into your urethra that weren’t designed to be inserted”. This means as long as you buy a quality penis plug, you should have no problems.

Are there any medical uses for penis plugs?

There aren’t any medical uses specifically for penis plugs, but there are various medical devices that may be inserted into the urethra by a doctor. Most commonly these will be sounds, which can help with obstructions in the urethra, or catheters, to help with bladder problems.

Is wearing a penis plug good for you?

Obviously if a doctor needs to insert an object into your penis, it’s going to be for your benefit. So in a sense physically inserting a penis plug isn’t bad for you (as long as it’s a good quality penis plug and you take your time). In terms of it being good for you though, most of these benefits come from a sexual and psychological viewpoint, and it varies from person to person.

What are the benefits of using penis plugs?

The main benefit of wearing a penis plug is the ultra enhanced sensations that can be felt throughout the genital area. Everything is much more intense, so you can have some of the most enjoyable play ever. You can also build confidence, by doing something that might seem scary at first, as well as indulging in some of your deeper fantasies. All of these things can be beneficial to you from a psychological viewpoint.

Does using a penis plug give you stronger orgasms?

Using a penis plug intensifies nearly everything you feel in your genitals. Even the slightest touch can send shivers throughout your body. If you can handle it long enough to bring yourself to orgasm, it isn’t going to be one you forget any time soon.

What are the parts of a penis plug?

Most penis plugs will have two simple parts. The body, which is the part you insert, and a stopper, which prevents you from inserting the penis plug too far.

What types of penis plugs are there?

The most traditional style of penis plug is a simple, solid rod. Alongside this, there are several other types including:

  • Tapered penis plugs.
  • Screw-in penis plugs.
  • Sperm stoppers.
  • Hollow or cum-thru/cum-through penis plugs.
  • Buddy or double-ended penis plugs.
  • Penis wands.
  • Prince’s wands.

What is a tapered penis plug?

A tapered penis plug is one that starts with a thinner diameter at the tip, then gradually becomes thicker the further you insert it. These are great for urethral stretching as you can insert it further as you become more comfortable.

What is a screw-in penis plug?

A screw in penis plug has ridges along the body of the plug, just like a regular wall screw. This allows you to quite literally screw the plug into your penis.

What is a sperm stopper?

A sperm stopper is slightly different in that the part that is inserted into your urethra will be quite short. This short rod will have a ball on the end, which blocks your urethra. These are designed for men who enjoy the feeling of preventing sperm from leaving the body (sometimes called cum stopping).

What is a hollow (cum-thru) penis plug?

A hollow penis plug (sometimes known as a cum-thru or cum-through penis plug) is a special variant of penis plug which doesn’t need to be removed for urination or ejaculation. The body of the plug is hollow, allowing these fluids to pass right through the center.

What is a buddy (double-ended) penis plug?

A buddy penis plug (or double-ended penis plug) is a variant of penis plug which has a stopper in the middle, rather than on the end. This lets two individuals get extra intimate by using the same penis plug at the same time!

What is a penis wand?

A penis wand is quite simply a longer variant of penis plug. These tend to be longer than five inches, and some can even reach eight inches or more.

What is a Prince’s wand?

A Prince’s wand is a little different, being a cross between a penis plug, and a genital piercing. It functions almost identically to a cum-thru penis plug, but has a section to be put through a Prince Albert piercing to keep the wand in place.

Are there vibrating penis plugs?

Yes! These produce incredibly intense feelings though, so they aren’t for the faint of heart.

Can you get a flexible penis plug?

Yes. Flexible penis plugs will usually be made of silicone, and can be great for people who struggle to insert their penis plug, or those worried about puncturing their urethra.

Can I use electro-stimulation (e-stim) with my penis plugs?

You can utilise e-stim with your penis plugs, but you will need to purchase a stainless steel plug. This can be attached to your e-stim equipment like any other sex toy, but we do advice that you are very careful and use the lowest settings while doing this.

Why do some people refer to penis plugs as penis jewellery?

While many penis plugs are simply designed to be inserted and provide pleasure, some are more lavishly designed, featuring jewelled or inscribed stoppers. Some people like to wear these plugs for extended periods of time to “bling up” their most private body parts.

What materials are penis plugs made out of?

All good penis plugs will be made from either silicone or surgical-grade stainless steel. Other materials are not suitable for sex toys of this nature.

What penis plug designs are there?

Even among the most basic of standard penis plugs, there can be many designs which change the stimulation the plug provides. These can include:

  • Ridges
  • Bumps
  • Waves
  • Beads
  • Spirals
  • And much more...

What size penis plug should I buy?

You should always try to buy a penis plug which fits snugly inside your urethra. It should require some effort to enter your body (if it slides straight in then it’s too thin), but also not stretch things so much that they are painful.

What size penis plug should I start with as a beginner to urethral play?

As a beginner, the advice for which penis plug you should buy is largely the same as any other user. You need to get a penis plug which fits snugly and produces a light stretching sensation when you insert it. You shouldn’t just get the narrowest plug you can as they can be too narrow and cause damage. Examine your urethra and try to determine roughly which size would be ideal. For many beginners this will be a shorter, and fairly narrow plug. Many sites have beginner sections which should contain ideal penis plugs for you.

What kind of penis plug should a woman use?

Women should generally try to use even shorter penis plugs than men, as they have shorter urethras. In terms of width the same advice applies. Try to find a plug which is roughly the same size as your urethra.

How do you prepare to use your penis plug?

Before you start using your penis plug there are a few steps you should take to make sure everything is safe and ready to use. Firstly, check your plug over thoroughly to make sure there are no problems with it. If you find any don’t insert your plug. Then you need to fully sterilise it. Finally, apply lube to both your penis plug and your urethra and you’ll be ready to insert it.

How do you check your penis plug for problems?

Gently run your fingers along the entire surface of the plug. You are looking for damaged, raised, bumpy, or sharp areas. If you find any they can often be filed down to be smooth again, but if you can’t repair your penis plug you should retire it and get a new one.

Do you need to sterilise your penis plug before you use it?

Yes, you should always sterilise your penis plug before every use. This is usually done by dropping it in boiling water for a few minutes to kill any bacteria on the plug.

Should I pee before I use a penis plug?

We usually advise you use the toilet before inserting your penis plug.

How do you insert a penis plug?

When inserting a penis plug, the most important advice is to take it slowly and steadily. Your penis should be flaccid, and you should hold it pointing upwards. Rest the plug on the opening of the urethra, and gently start to push it in. Gravity should do most of the work, and if you have the right size and use enough lube, the plug should simply slide in with very little effort.

Where do you insert a penis plug?

A penis plug should only be inserted into the urethra. It isn’t designed to go anywhere else in or on your body.

Do you need to use lubrication with penis plugs?

Yes! You should always use lubrication when using any kind of urethral sex toys.

Which lubrication should you use with penis plugs?

When preparing for urethral insertion, you should only use sterile lubricants. Regular brands may contain ingredients which can damage or irritate your urethra.

How far do you insert a penis plug?

Any good penis plug will have a stopper, so you cannot insert it too far. If your plug doesn’t have a stopper on the end, consider purchasing one that does as they are much safer.

Do I have to insert the entire penis plug?

Not at all! You only have to insert the plug as far as you are comfortable with. Even if you only manage a small part of your penis plug today, it won’t be long before you are comfortable enough to insert it further.

Should my penis be erect when I insert my penis plug?

No. Most advice about inserting a penis plug states that your penis should always be flaccid. While it might be possible to insert a plug while erect, it is much more difficult and more likely to cause you harm.

Can penis plugs get lost in your penis?

If your penis plug has a stopper and is an appropriate width, the risk of it travelling too far into your body is extremely low.

How far do penis plugs reach into your body?

Generally penis plugs won’t go any deeper into your body, but simply be inside your penis. Some longer versions may go deeper, sometimes reaching as far as the prostate gland, or even the bladder.

Can penis plugs get stuck?

While yes, a penis plug ultimately could become stuck, for it to happen usually requires some level of negligence. Usually the plug will either be too big, or you haven’t used enough lubrication. In both cases, adding more lube will usually help you get your penis plug out again if it feels stuck.

It feels like I can’t push my penis plug in, what should I do?

Don’t push! Usually when your penis plug feels like it’s jammed or won’t go any further in, it’s because you’ve got the angle slightly wrong. You can try gently twisting the plug as you insert it, which will sometimes let it pass any “blockages” or you can simply remove the plug, adjust your angle, and try again.

Can penis plugs give you an orgasm?

While more experienced users may be able to bring themselves to orgasm solely with the use of penis plugs, it isn’t something everyone will be able to experience. For many users, penis plugs will simply make the other sexual play they enjoy much more intense and enjoyable.

How do you orgasm from wearing a penis plug?

There are a couple of different ways to bring yourself to orgasm using a penis plug. You can simply hold the penis plug in place and masturbate normally (but much gentler) and bring yourself to a more intense orgasm the traditional way. You can also try moving the penis plug in and out of your urethra much like a dildo. It generally takes longer to orgasm this way but can be worth the wait!

Do you have to remove your penis plug when you orgasm?

This depends which kind of penis plug you own, and whether you are male or female. Women won’t need to remove their penis plugs while they orgasm, as the urethra is solely for urination. In men, ejaculate fluid also uses the urethra to leave the body. Due to this, unless you have a cum-thru penis plug you will need to remove it during orgasm.

What happens if you ejaculate while wearing your penis plug?

If you ejaculate while wearing your penis plug, the ejaculate fluid will not be able to leave the body, and will back up into your bladder. This is called retrograde ejaculation, and can carry some real health concerns as well as being very uncomfortable so it should be avoided at all costs.

How long can you wear your penis plug?

There are no clear or definitive answers to this question. While some users may have kept their penis plugs in for extremely extended periods of time, others might struggle to wear one for just an hour. It’s important to listen to your body, and when you begin to feel discomfort, pain, or simply that it’s time to take it out, then you should remove your penis plug.

Will my penis plug fall out?

In some cases penis plugs may fall out of your urethra while you wear them. This may be caused by too much vigorous activity “shaking” the plug out, you may have used too much lube, or your penis plug may be too small for you.

How do I keep my penis plug in place?

If you have an appropriately sized penis plug, you shouldn’t have to “do” anything to keep your plug in place. It will be slightly stretching the urethra, which will hold it in place with a tight grip.

Do I need to take my penis plug out to pee?

Unless you have a cum-thru penis plug you will need to remove it when you need to urinate.

Can I move around while I wear my penis plug?

Yes! While it may be difficult to even think about at first, you can move around while wearing your penis plugs and people enjoy many different activities while wearing them. At first you may need to be cautious and gentle until you get used to the movements you can comfortably make, and you should try to avoid anything particularly vigorous as you may shake the plug loose.

Can I masturbate while I wear a penis plug?

Masturbating while wearing a penis plug is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the practise. You won’t be able to do it the same way as normal due to the intensity of the feelings, and a strong grip around the penis is not advised as you will squash the urethra against the plug. Gentle and soft movements can produce incredible sensations though, and we encourage you to experiment!

Can a woman stimulate their g-spot with a penis plug?

Due to the location of the female urethra, simply wearing a penis plug will provide some level of stimulation to the g-spot. Accompanying this with masturbation techniques can produce some very intense orgasms.

Can I use a penis plug with my partner?

Of course! Whether it’s simply letting your partner insert the plug, or experimenting with different techniques and sensations, using a penis plug with a partner can be amazing. Best of all, you can simply lie back and enjoy the ride!

Can I receive a blowjob while wearing a penis plug?

It’s not unheard of to receive a blowjob while wearing a penis plug, although it can be difficult and risky. The suction created during a blowjob can also act on the penis plug, and yank it out of the urethra. This is obviously very painful. When giving a blowjob to someone wearing a penis plug, you must take extra care to be gentle and not dislodge the plug.

Can I have sex while I wear a penis plug?

While it is possible to have sex while wearing a penis plug, it does carry it’s own considerations. You may need to remove the plug before you ejaculate, which can be difficult to remember in the heat of the moment. There is also some risk of the plug being pulled out during sex, which can be both painful and dangerous. You should approach sex cautiously while wearing a penis plug, and never have anal sex as the plug may come out and travel deeper into your partner’s body.

Can I use other sex toys and a penis plug at the same time?

Yes! Combining a penis plug with any other sex toy can really intensify the whole experience!

Can I use a cock ring with a penis plug?

Yes! In fact several types of cock rings even come with a penis plug attached!

Can I wear a cock cage and a penis plug at the same time?

You certainly can! In fact, some cock cages come with penis plugs as part of the design, so that while you are caged your urethra is also blocked, taking away any possible chance of you reaching that precious orgasm.

Will a penis plug stimulate my prostate?

If your penis plug is long enough, it will be able to reach the prostate from inside your body. This is the most direct form of prostate stimulation possible and can be one of the most intense experiences you will ever have.

What if your penis plug falls out?

In most cases a penis plug falling out shouldn’t cause any major problems. If you wish to re-insert it be sure to sterilise it again to remove any bacteria. If it happens often, you may need a larger penis plug, or to use less lube.

It hurts when I wear my penis plug, what should I do?

If there is any pain that you weren’t expecting then you should always remove your penis plug as soon as you can. Check the plug over thoroughly to make sure there are no defects. If it continues to hurt you it may be too big, you may be inserting it at an odd angle, or you may have a urinary tract infection which you should wait to clear up before continuing with urethral play.

Is it always bad for a penis plug to hurt?

For the majority of people pain while wearing a penis plug is a sign that something is wrong, some people enjoy this pain, and like to explore it further. This is simply a part of BDSM play, and is perfectly acceptable. You should be extremely cautious while exploring pain play with penis plugs, as the urethra is incredibly sensitive and easily damaged.

My penis bleeds when I use my penis plug, what should I do?

Stop using the penis plug immediately. It is likely something has grazed, cut or torn the inside of your urethra which will need time to heal. If the bleeding persists you may have punctured your urethra and should seek medical attention immediately.

How do you remove a penis plug?

Removing a penis plug is exactly the same process as inserting it but in reverse. In most cases, it is easier to do while your penis is flaccid, so wait for any erections to pass. Then take your time, and slowly and gently pull the plug back out of your urethra.

Do you need to sterilise your penis plug after you use it?

You should always sterilise your penis plug after use to remove any bacteria from it which may have come from inside your body.

Should my penis be erect when I remove my penis plug?

While you can remove a penis plug with an erect penis, the success is dependant on the design or shape of your individual plug. In most cases, we recommend waiting until the penis is flaccid again to remove your penis plug as it will be much easier.

How do you store a penis plug?

Most of the time the packaging your penis plug came in will be ideal to store it. If this isn’t available, try to store each plug in an airtight bag, to prevent as much bacteria as possible from reaching it. Also try to store the plugs in a strong box, as this will prevent them being damaged during storage.

I can’t get my penis plug out, what should I do?

Don’t panic! Becoming tense can make it very difficult to remove your penis plug, and simply relaxing will often solve the problem. If you still have difficulty, try adding extra lubricant to help the plug out. If there is really no way of you getting it out, seek medical help. Do not try to “rip” the plug out as this can permanently damage your urethra.

How does your penis feel after you finish using a penis plug?

Some people feel a little sore after they use a penis plug, as these nerves have been used in an unusual way. Often people also experience a burning sensation when they urinate after removing the plug. Both of these feelings usually pass fairly quickly, and tend to affect beginners more than experienced users.

How often can you use a penis plug?

There are no real rules on how often you can use a penis plug, but using one every day may lead to fatigue of the nerves inside your urethra. Pay close attention to your body, and if things feel extra sensitive or tired, take a break for a few days to recover.

My penis plug feels sharp, will it cut my penis?

Almost certainly. The nerves inside the urethra are very delicate, and penis plugs should always be completely smooth before you decide to use one. If yours has a sharp part, you can try to file it down, but usually it’s safer to try a different penis plug.

How do I stretch my urethra to use larger penis plugs?

Simply using penis plugs of the appropriate size will gradually stretch your urethra. When the one you are using feels less tight than it used to, you can move up to a larger size. Try not to force this, as going too large too quickly can cause damage to your urethra.

How much should I stretch my urethra?

It’s entirely up to you! Some people try one penis plug and are happy to stay with that forever. Others want to push their body to the limit and take the largest plug they can. If size is your goal, don’t rush things. You’ll reach your target eventually!

When should I buy a larger penis plug?

If your penis plug feels particularly loose when you wear it, then your urethra has probably stretched to the point where it can accommodate a larger plug.

Can I wear more than one penis plug?

No. The stoppers prevent the plug from completely entering the body so you cannot wear two to simulate a longer plug. Using two side by side for a larger stretch is also inadvisable and will likely damage your urethra.

How much do penis plugs cost?

You can find penis plugs for a variety of prices, some only a few dollars, others reaching several hundred. In most cases the price is one of the least important factors, and the materials and quality of the plug are much more important.

Can I make my own penis plug?

We do not advise making your own penis plug. Always use plugs that were designed to be inserted into your urethra.

Can I insert other objects into my urethra?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Other objects may break and get stuck inside your body, travel too deep and get lost, or even cause internal damage and bleeding to your urethra. Always use properly designed and store bought penis plugs.

Can you use a finger instead of a penis plug?

While the technique of using the pinky finger to penetrate the urethra may be one that you can commonly find online, we advise against it. It’s very difficult to properly sterilise a finger, and there is always a risk that the nails may cut or tear the inside of your urethra.

What other things have been used as penis plugs?

Pens, pencils, straws, magnetic ball bearings, knitting needles. If it’s long and thin, someone has probably inserted it into their urethra. We advise against using any of these objects. Stick to real penis plugs!

Is using a penis plug gay?

Not at all! While the idea of “being penetrated” may carry homosexual notions in some men, using a penis plug simply allows you to explore your body in a way you might never have done before. These experiences can be fantastic, so it’s not really worth missing out on because of some outdated notions of gender identity!

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