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Female Urethral Play

Urethral play is a fascinating and unusual sexual practise. Once you manage to get your head around it though, it can produce some extremely pleasurable sensations that you might not otherwise be able to feel. Most guides on urethral play, and even a lot of urethral toys, tend to think about urethral play from a man’s point of view. Men aren’t the only ones who can enjoy urethral play though! Women also have urethras, and can take just as much pleasure from urethral insertion as men can.

Where is the Female urethra?

A woman’s urethra extends from the lower bladder to the urethral opening, found just below the clitoris. It will have a sphincter, which opens and closes to control the flow of urine out of the body. Female urethras are significantly shorter than their male counterparts, and are only designed to carry urine. As the female urethra is so much shorter, women are more prone to urinary tract infections than men.

Can Women Play with their Urethras?

In general, women can play with their urethra in much the same way as men, by inserting objects into it! Inserting things into the female urethra can stimulate all around the area, pleasing not only your urethra, but the rest of the vagina too. The best part about urethral insertion for women though, is that it lets you reach and stimulate some of the interior parts of the clitoris, and indirectly, the G-Spot.

Despite this similarity, women need to take even more care than men when they begin to experiment with urethral stimulation. At first, inserting anything may be difficult or even painful. Women generally will need more urethral training than men, gradually stretching the urethra to accommodate larger and longer toys. This means that ideally, a woman will want to start with a much smaller urethral toy.

Female Urethral Toys

Due to this need for slightly different practise when engaging in urethral insertion, it should be no surprise that there are some toys designed with women in mind.

Penis Plugs

Despite the name, penis plugs are completely suitable for women to use and will sometimes be referred to as urethral plugs instead. These are exactly the same as normal, having a T-bar or ring to prevent you inserting them too far, and usually made of silicone or stainless steel. A beginner’s penis plug is the perfect place for a woman to start with urethral play before moving onto something larger like a tapered plug.

Urethral Sounds

Urethral sounds are the most common type of urethral toys for both men and women. Sounds are much longer rods of stainless steel or silicone which can be inserted much further into the body than a penis plug. Extra care needs to be taken with these, as sounds which are fine for men to use may travel much too far in a woman’s body, possibly even puncturing the bladder. Unless the feeling of fulness or stimulation near the bladder is something you enjoy, then it shouldn’t be needed to insert a sound too far into the female urethra to enjoy your stimulation.

Vaginal Pumps

While these aren’t toys specifically for urethral stimulation, some women like to combine them with plugs or sounds to heighten the experience. A vaginal pump draws extra blood into the vagina making the entire area much more sensitive.

Princess Albertina Piercing



Just like men, women can get a urethral piercing. As it is a variation on the Prince Albert piercing, it’s usually called the Princess Albertina piercing. This piercing goes through the urethra and exits through the top of the vagina. Just like male piercings, these will usually hold a ring which reaches just outside the vagina.




Tips for Female Urethral Play

Generally speaking, female urethral play is the same as male urethral play, so the same tips, risks and dangers apply. Always be sure to use a sterile lubricant, and never force your toys into the urethra or you may cause damage.

Due to the location of a woman’s urethra, it tends to be a little more closed and tight than a man’s. If this is giving you difficulty when trying to insert toys into it, then you might want to masturbate to orgasm before you begin. The urethral opening is at its largest and most relaxed during an orgasm due to the increased blood flow. Over the next few minutes, it will gradually return to its original size, making this the easiest time to insert things. While it might sound counterintuitive to orgasm before you start playing, the intensity of the sensations should allow you to reach a second orgasm once your toys have been inserted.

Urethral Intercourse

At this point some of you might be wondering whether or not the urethra can be used during penetrative sex. After all, if you are using toys to penetrate the urethra, why not use a penis which was designed for penetration. I only mention this here as a warning. This is not something you should ever try. Urethral toys will always be much thinner than a penis, and in many cases shorter too. If you try this it will be painful, and can cause all kinds of medical problems including infertility or loss of organs.

Urethral play can take a lot of patience and practise, and this is even more true for a woman. Luckily, this patience can be rewarded tenfold by the incredibly intense sensations on both the clitoris and the G-Spot. So, if you’ve ever thought about trying urethral insertion, follow our guides on how to insert toys and experience some of the strongest sexual feelings possible!

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