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Sperm stoppers

Urethral play is probably the best type of genital penetration for men. In fact, it's the only genital penetration for men that has been tried and tested to end with explosive and fulfilling orgasms. The urethra is the most sensitive part of the penis, but too bad it has to be accessed inside. That's why we are providing different types of sex toys that are specifically made for stimulating the urethra. And because it has direct access to your prostate, you will be able to cum in a more satisfying way. The real question is: what's the best urethral sex toy to use?

You may have heard about penis plugs and urethral sounds. Both reach midway the urethra up to the prostate causing you to instantly cum alive! But if you want something that will hold your ejaculation for a little bit longer, you might be interested in Sperm Stoppers.

Sperm Stoppers are shorter than urethral sounds and even shorter than penis plugs. There are different variations of Sperm Stoppers but the most common ones consist of a ring to wear around the head of the penis; this is to secure the plug and also to tease and stimulate the area around it. Connected to the ring is a small hook with a slightly large ball at the tip. This goes inside the urethra but won't go deeper than the penis plugs and urethral sounds would. The hook stops at the right spot just before the opening of the urethra. Sperm Stoppers are used as they are called, to prevent you from ejaculating prematurely. The bulbous tip will act as a stopper to prevent sperm from expelling your urethra.

Although the purpose of a Sperm Stopper is purely sensual, there are other reasons why it can be one of the most beneficial sex toys you'll ever use. Premature ejaculation can also be a medical condition and may be related to having erectile dysfunction. Aside from that, ejaculating sooner than expected can create a negative impact on your sexual relationships as it can cause sex to become less enjoyable than it used to. This is the time when using one of our Sperm Stoppers can benefit your sex life.

All of our Sperm Stoppers are made from high-quality stainless steel, which is non-porous, non-toxic, and free from any other chemicals that could harm your body. The surface of each Sperm Stopper is also smooth and flawless to ensure that they are free from nicks, cuts, or rough edges that can injure your urethra or cause any discomfort. Some Sperm Stoppers like our Smooth Cum Rattle has a ribbed body to intensify the stimulation around your urethra.

Like any other urethral sex toy, make sure that your Sperm Stopper is thoroughly cleaned with warm water and mild soap, disinfecting it with pure alcohol will also work wonders. Because of its stainless steel material, it will be very easy to clean. It's recommended to always clean and completely dry before and after use to prevent infections. It's as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now!