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How to Use Penis Plugs

While penis plugs are relatively simple toys, you might not know how to properly use them. This isn’t nearly as scary as you might think, and using a penis plug can be a comfortable and easy process with a few simple steps.

What is a Penis Plug?

A penis plug is a short toy designed to be inserted into the urethra. These are sometimes only worn for short periods, but some can be designed for prolonged wear. They tend to be between one and four inches long, and stimulate the penis from the inside.

There are many different kinds of penis plug. The most basic is a smooth, slightly tapered, thin piece of metal. More complex designs can have different goals, like heightening your sexual arousal, or helping keep the plug in place for longer periods of time. They might have different textures, flexible shafts, have a ring to go around the penis, or even vibrate. Penis plugs with rings have a double function, as they help to keep the plug in place, and stimulate the penis, making it harder and more sensitive to touches.

Some penis plugs may have a hole through the middle. This hole is designed to let you expel bodily fluids such as urine or ejaculation, without needing to remove the plug. They may come with a small ball bearing, which screws on to the top of the plug. This ball is removed when you want to urinate or ejaculate, then replaced during normal wear of the plug.

Most penis plugs will be made of stainless steel. This is the easiest material to sterilise, and the safest to use in this kind of play.

What is a Penis Plug Used For?

While penis plugs do have a medical use, helping to open the urethra in people with conditions which prevent them from urinating properly, most people who will buy one of their own are only doing it for sexual pleasure. As the plug enters the urethra, it puts pressure on the sensitive nerve endings inside the penis. This pressure can make the entire penis much more sensitive, making it easier to orgasm, and much more intense when you do. It can even help to maintain stronger erections both through the internal stimulation, and, if your plug has one, the rings which can surround the penis.

How Do You Use a Penis Plug?

For the most part, it should be fairly obvious how to use a penis plug. The device is inserted into the penis through the urethra. The plug needs to be completely sterile and sanitized, as this part of the body is very prone to bacterial infection.

Before you even insert your plug, you should always check it over. Many penis plugs are handmade, so there’s always a chance (however small) of some human error. Run your finger along the entire device, and feel for any lumps, bumps, or sharp sections that shouldn’t be there. If you find any of these when you first buy your plug then it shouldn’t be used, and you should return it to the store. Sometimes they may have stamped markings to denote the size of the plug. These should be checked to make sure they are properly smoothed out. If not, then some emery paper should be able to smooth everything out.

These checks don’t just need to be done when you first get your plug. You should check it before every use. Sometimes during storage or moving them around, your plugs may get small scratches on the surface. Due to the very sensitive nature of the urethra, even the slightest scratch or raised area can cause damage, so you always need to keep an eye on your plugs.

Urinating before you begin is always a good idea. Unless your plug is hollow so fluids can pass through, once it’s in you’ll be blocking the ability to urinate. Getting rid of these fluids in advance not only helps to rid the area of unwanted bacteria, but can also make it easier to orgasm. Some men find it difficult to reach orgasm with a full bladder, or while they feel like they need to pee.

Lubricant is another important consideration in urethral play, and will need to be prepared before you begin. The urethra, just like the anus, doesn’t produce enough of its own lubricant to facilitate sexual play. It will also absorb water, so saliva or water based lubricants won’t be as effective. Whichever lubricant you use, it must be sterile, and you need to apply a generous amount to the plug and your urethra to help prevent friction. Using a penis plug without lubrication is sure to lead to tearing and injury.

Inserting the Plug

While this might be the part you’ve been looking forward to the most, it’s important not to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Inserting a penis plug is a delicate procedure, and rushing it is likely to hurt or cause injury. You should also never force the plug in. If you’ve used lubricant and it isn’t going in comfortably, then take it back out and try again later.

In most cases, it’s much easier to insert a penis plug when the penis is flaccid. Unless you have a lot of experience and practise using them, you should also stick to an appropriately sized penis plug. Longer and thicker versions are not advised until your urethra becomes used to the sensation, and you’ve trained your body a little.

Risks and Dangers

With something as delicate as penile penetration, there are bound to be some risks involved. The largest of these is simple contamination. When engaging in any kind of urethral play, you need to be sure that your plug is completely sterile, and that your hands and body are also clean. Any bacteria on the device when you insert it could wreak havoc with your urinary system, and give you some nasty infections.

It should go without saying that you should only be inserting things that were actually designed to go into the urethra. Never attempt urethral play with any household objects. Not only will they be likely to be swimming in the bacteria you wish to avoid, but as they aren’t designed to enter the penis they are much more likely to cause tears or damage.

Never share your plugs! The bacteria inside your body may not be harmful to you, but transferring it to another person’s urethra is sure to cause damage. Sharing penis plugs can also make it much more likely for you to receive a sexually transmitted disease.

Another big danger comes from removing the device. Some are naturally curved, so you will need to wait for your erection to go before you attempt to remove it. Unless your plug has a hollow design, they always need to be removed before ejaculation. If you don’t then it is possible to experience retrograde ejaculation.

Storing Your Penis Plugs

Just as it is important to take care while using your penis plugs, it is equally important to take care when not using them. Improper storage can expose your plug to all kinds of bacteria, or even damage. As the surface needs to be smooth for use, any scratches or dents will make your plug very unsafe for use. It is recommended to store your penis plugs in a dry box, and if possible, wrap each individual plug in a soft material such as felt to stop them from scratching against any other surfaces.

If you follow these simple guidelines, then you shouldn’t have any problems using your penis plugs. So, don’t be intimidated by the process! Urethral play can be one of the most intense forms of sexual stimulation you can experience, and you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you try it yourself.

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