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Vibrating urethral sounds

A cock is not just a part of the male body. It's a tool that drives your partner crazy, a symbol that represents your manliness, a work of art that you can flaunt and be proud of. If you still don't know, a cock that substantial deserves to be treated like a prince, if not a king. Sure, blowjobs and handjobs are amazing, and even penetration is the ultimate pleasurable activity, but cocks deserve to have toys, too. They should be entitled to get to use a sex toy of their own during foreplay, masturbation, or some BDSM time with their partners.

Urethral sounds are a godsend for urethral play. There will come a time when you'll be aching for a penetration of your own, and your urethra will be the best way to go! The urethra is the only route that has direct access to your prostate gland, which stores all your ejaculation fluid. Stimulating the prostate directly via the urethra (AKA urethral sounding) is a fool-proof way to an explosive orgasm. Once you've gotten used to the urethral sounding, you can add in a few other features to further stimulate and add more excitement into your urethral play. This is what our collection of Vibrating Urethral Sounds are for.

Like any other penis plugs that we have here at Lustplugs, our Vibrating Urethral Sounds are all made from medical grade, high-quality silicone, which is non-porous, non-toxic, and free from BPA, latex, and phthalate. Aside from their ribbed and beaded bodies, each sound is smooth and free from any nicks or rough edges that shouldn't be present. We make sure that the materials that are used for our urethral sounds from handle to tip are safe and harmless when inside the body. So you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

But that's not all we have in store for you in this collection. Every urethral sound that you see here has a feature that you can only imagine to use: vibrations. Each of our Vibrating Urethral Sounds in this collection is designed to introduce some flutters into your cock. Insert the sound into your urethra as usual, once you start craving for extra stimulation, simply take a push on the button of the vibrator and you'll begin to receive continuous throbs and shivers like you're having an orgasm non-stop! This is not a warning...this is a guarantee.

Make sure that you lubricate the sound before and during the insertion to keep the process as comfortable as possible. It's recommended to clean it before and after use with clean water and mild soap, rubbing it with pure alcohol also helps with the disinfecting.

You can choose from our variety of colors and lengths available. Use the sound as it is, then gradually add in the vibrations as you wish. Check out each of our products and choose your favorite one. Although you may find it a hard time to pick which one you'd like best. A simple solution for that would be to grab as many as you can, and maybe even collect them all!