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Lubricants for Urethral Play

Lubrication is an integral part of a safe session of urethral play. You need to use the right amount of the right lube, or you’re almost certainly going to have a painful time. Not only that, but the wrong type of lube or no lube at all will be very dangerous, and leave you exposed to infections as well as damage to the urethral tract.

Main Reasons You Need Lube

Trying to insert an object into your urethra without any lubrication will always be a mistake. The urethra does create a level of natural lubrication, but this is nowhere near enough for what you have planned. Without additional lubrication, you will almost certainly have problems with friction or even urethral tears.

Even if you aren’t bothered about the pain, using lubrication will just make urethral play easier. With most urethral toys you aren’t supposed to actually push the toy into place. Instead you place it just within the urethra, and let it gradually slide into position through natural gravity. Lubrication makes this much easier.

In a longer session of urethral play, lubricant has an even stronger effect. Some types of lubricant will dry out much quicker than others, particularly water based lubes. If you plan to wear your urethral toy for a long period of time, you’re going to need a lube which last just as long. In these sessions silicone based lubes tend to be a better choice.

Comfort in Longer Sessions

There are three main types of lubricant, oil based, water based, and silicone based. Each of these can be appropriate for urethral play, and it largely depends on the specific brand or variant of lube you use. Some last longer than others, while some are smoother or less sticky. Some will be easier to clean up, while others will be much thicker.

Some of the most popular types of lubricant for urethral play are:

  • Very deep urethral lubricant
  • KY Jelly
  • Surgilube

Whichever lubricant you do decide to use, you need to be sure that it is sterile. Using other lubes in the urethra is likely to cause infections as the sensitive skin in the area will absorb bacteria from the lube.

Don’t use saliva

Saliva dries very quickly. Even if it does help you get the toy into your body, it will dry out almost immediately so when it comes to removal, you’ll be doing it basically dry. This is almost certain to be painful and cause damage. It’s also incredibly unlikely that you can even produce enough saliva for the length of a urethral sound, as the whole thing needs to be thoroughly lubricated.

While it might seem a little obsessive to go into so much detail on something as simple as lubrication, it is a very important point when engaging in urethral play. Using the wrong lube, not enough, or even too much can all influence your experience. So, make sure you are well prepared before you start your urethral play, and you can spend the time focusing on the great feelings rather than the bad ones.

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