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Vibrating penis plugs

Are your impulses telling you to take your play to the next level? Are you searching for the right toy that can give you strong and good vibrations?

Whether you’re new or have already resonated with penis plugs, you can shake things up with our Lustplug collection of Vibrating Penis Plugs! This collection will offer you a wide selection of pleasurable plugs.

Our Vibrating Penis Plugs collection adds an exciting feature to your ordinary penis plugs - the power of vibration! Our line features two main designs - the screwdrivers and the wired. The screwdrivers, as the name imply, appear like your handy everyday tool. They have a narrow tail that you can insert into your penis and a head to control the vibrations. These can definitely screw you with pleasure during your play.

On the other hand, the wired plugs feature a small plug connected to the remote control through a long tube. The plug features a small part on one end that has a slightly larger diameter which prevents it from going too deep and connects to a long wire attached to the remote. Since it has a long tube, you can control its vibrating frequency in a comfortable position. This also allows you to let your partner control the vibrating penis plug. With this, you can share the good vibrations!

We're also giving you healthy and safe vibes with our Vibrating Penis Plugs collection. Our product line is generally made of FDA-approved ABS and silicone material. These materials are non-porous and free from any harmful chemicals, like phthalate and latex so you won't have to worry about any dirt or bacteria getting stuck in between your sensational sessions. Inside these intimate items, there are powerful motors that run from the motor to your whole body. You will experience a reverberating pleasure safe and sound!

Whether you prefer screwdrivers or wired plugs, our Vibrating Penis Plugs collection can give you a stimulation that will blow your mind. Once you've found the one at your frequency, you can start your vibrant sessions. Always remember to insert and remove the plug while you're flaccid. Also, don’t forget to sterilize it before and after to use to prevent any infections. Since the urethra has a narrow opening, and the plugs have silicone material, you can insert them seamlessly with a generous amount of lube. Once it's in, you can start your shuddering session!

For the screwdriver, slowly insert the narrow end of the plug into your penis. Once inside, you can start vibing with the buttons on the head. You will experience its vibrations driving you crazy with ecstasy! Meanwhile, for the wired plugs, carefully put the plug inside your penis. Afterward, use the remote control at the other end of the tube to control the strength of the vibration. Explore the different frequencies until you reach maximum pleasure!

You can use the products from our Vibrating Penis Plugs collection before your sexual encounter with your partner or with yourself. You will definitely feel waves of pleasure spreading across your whole body. Compared to regular penis plugs, you will get a vibrating erection that will last for a longer duration. You can satisfy yourself and your partner better. Moreover, with its pulses, you can stimulate your prostate to a resounding orgasm!

From the Quiver of Delight to the Nerves of Steel, experience earth-shaking orgasms with our Vibrating Penis Plugs collection!