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Euphoric Cock Driller 3" Plug with Rings

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The Euphoric Cock Driller 3" plug with Rings is a high-quality penis accessory meticulously designed to provide you with the most incredible stimulation either for masturbation or during sex. It’s made of body safe surgical stainless steel that’s not only easy to keep clean but also smooth and durable. Kinky play may be all about intense pleasure (and pain, if that’s your kind of thing) but there are risks involved so it pays to invest in well-made plugs such as this.

The Euphoric Cock Driller 3" plug with Rings is meant to feel snug on your penis, applying delicious waves of pressure on your glans and making the tip of your dick doubly sensitive to touch. Love a warm and wet blow job? Or perhaps a slick hand job? You will love both even more with this toy firmly lodged into your urethra. The insertable length is about 2 ½” with a tapered shaft starting at 0.24 inch at its narrowest point and 0.31 inch at its widest point.

There are three smooth rings meant to encircle your glans penis and hug it real close, as a tight pussy or a warm mouth would. The inside diameter is 1.06 in., just about the perfect size that will provide you with enhanced stimulation right where you’d love it. Wear the Euphoric Cock Driller 3" plug with Rings during masturbation or as part of BDSM play, your partner will adore your dick’s new look with this shiny metal toy wound tightly around it.

If you’re looking for an excellent plug that is affordable, beautifully constructed and comfortable, then the Euphoric Cock Driller 3" plug with Rings is the perfect toy for you. It’s strong, sturdy and long lasting – the same way you’d want your erections to be!

Color Silver
Style J-wand with a stout tip and multiple layered rings
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length: 3 in.
Inside Diameter of ring: 1.06 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with sterile lubricant


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