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Put a Ring on It 2" Plug

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Have you become numb to all the sensations that you used to enjoy? Maybe it’s high time to try something new, something unique and avant-garde, something that will set your sex life apart from the rest of the men you know.

Introducing Put a Ring on It 2" plug, a cock plug that will open new dimensions of sensations and pleasure you’ve never experienced before. This plug has a total length of 2 inches, making it ideal for a man starting his adventure in play. It’s smooth, soft but firm for easy insertion. The ring on the end prevents the plug from being completely sucked in so you can have peace of mind while playing with it.

When engaging in play, ensure that everything is super clean. This cock plug is made of silicone, so go ahead and sterilize it to make sure it’s bacteria-free. Your body needs to be clean as well especially the parts that will get in contact with your plug. As you know, the urethra is ultra-sensitive and prone to infections, so it’s better to take the necessary precautions to fully enjoy this experience.

Using this plug is very easy. Apply a generous amount of sterile lube on it. Sit or lie with pillows on your back and with one hand, hold your cock at a 90-degree angle from your body. Put a blob of sterile lube on your glans before inserting the plug. Take it slow when putting this beauty into your penis as thrusting it can tear the walls of your delicate tube. By doing it slowly, you’ll feel the rich, tingly sensation as you gently stretch your urethra. Once it’s in, you can masturbate to indulge yourself in that burst of new sensations. When you’re ready to fire, carefully remove the plug then shoot! You’ll be surprised by how extremely pleasant it is to cum with this newfound toy.

Do not prolong your boring sex life. Buy this Put a Ring on It 2" plug to experience new heights of pleasure!

Color Black
Style Horse-eye with a round flared bottom
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 2.16 in.

Ring: 1.26 in.

Body: 0.31 in.

Tip: 0.098 in.

Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize before and after use. Sterile lubricant is recommended.