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Prince of Piercing 4" Wand

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Reinvent yourself as a badass dude who knows how to have fun when it matters the most. With our Prince of Piercing 4” Wand, you will definitely rock the style that only a select few can absolutely pull off. The Prince of Piercing 4” Wand is a new take on prince’s wand because of the dirty finger stem where you can loop your Prince Albert if you’re a pierced man.

The wand has a shaft with a hollow core and a threaded ball cap which can be easily removed. This great feature allows prolonged wear for men who enjoy day-long stimulation and erection.

With a length of four inches, it’s ideal for a man who is confident to engage in stimulation. Meanwhile, the smooth surface and tapered design will make insertion easy and less painful. Yes, there’s definitely some pain involved when stretching the urethra, but it’s the kind of pain that will heighten and enrich the sensations.

Play brings a unique experience that only the brave enjoy. If done properly, stimulation is safe and won’t do any harm to your reproductive organ, contrary to what other people think. When you keep this toy sanitized and your body clean, there won’t be any infection issues. Use only 100% sterile lubricant and apply a generous amount of it on your wand, and it’s good to go in.

We know you’re excited about putting this inside your penis, but make sure you don’t rush; otherwise, your delicate urethra will take the brunt of your roughness. Take deep breaths as you slowly glide it deeper into your penis. If you’re doing it during a foreplay session, let your partner do the work as this will foster greater intimacy. Savor unique sensations and marvel at your ultra-hard erection that will ultimately delight her.

For optimal pleasure and long-lasting play, buy Prince of Piercing 4” plug!

Color Silver
Style Prince’s wand design with the dirty finger ornament
Material stainless steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 3.77in.
Width 0.31 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize before and after use, use with 100% sterile water-soluble lubricant