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Blow Jab 9" Sound

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It’s time to take the ordinary to something extra special with this Blow Jab 9” Sound.

When everything about sex has become monotonous and painfully mediocre, it’s high time to take daring steps and dive into a chasm of pleasure that will make you oblivious of everything around you. The Blow Jab 9” Sound is definitely not for the faint of heart but rather for the courageous men who are deeply wired to challenge the boundaries of their manhood.

With 9 inches in length, this sound will go way beyond the base and will take a good tour in your bladder. But before reaching that point, it will surely give your prostate a nice and good stimulation.

The beads are of varying girth to up the ante in play. Meanwhile, its soft J-bend complements the natural contour of your urethra. With this bend, you’ll need to insert the sound while your penis is flaccid and wait for the erection to subside before retrieval. Keep this in mind and all will be great!

If you’re in for some fun, why not have a medical roleplay with your honey? The story should begin with simple preparations: sterilizing the tool, taking a scrub, wearing surgical gloves, and applying sterile lube. You may experience pain, a bearable pain that will heighten the sensations you feel. It may take time before it gets to the end of its journey, but the reward is worth it.

So, close your eyes and simply savor each electrifying sensation flowing through your body. She could get naughtier with her mouth and give you what you have always hoped for. This will surely drive you to the climactic brink which you can never hold back, so let it happen and give in to the power of orgasm.

Are you bold enough to take this great feat? Buy this Blow Jab 9” Sound for an extremely exhilarating sounding experience!

Color Silver
Style J-contoured steel rods with beads of different sizes, a 4mm hole, and a ring on the other end
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 9.44in.
Width 0.15in (hole), 0.27in, 0.31in, 0.35in, 0.39in.
Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize before and after use, use with 100% sterile water-soluble lubricant