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Black Ribbed Urethral Sounding Rod

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You get your cock into any possible sensual holes---mouth, butt, and pussy. However, you're starting to feel bored thrusting your cock into any of these holes. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy your schlong, then try getting fucked in your pee hole. Painful? Before you dismiss the idea, you've got to read on.

A few years back, a newspaper ran a story about a Chinese teenager who stuffed his cock with tiny beads. Poor boy. After he enjoyed filling his cock tube, he was brought to a hospital. Cock-stuffing feels good, but you've got to use the right tool to avoid getting rushed to the ER. Sticking something up into your dick gives all-new sensations (that's why the boy couldn't resist), so give in to the Black Ribbed Urethral plug for a new kind of sensual bliss.

Unlike other plugs, this one is textured for enhanced pleasure. The beady rod will create waves after waves of sexual pleasure that's hard to describe. It also comes with a ring that will squeeze your glans for a harder erection. Peeing with this plug inside your cock is convenient. All you have to do is remove the cap, and your urine will flow through. And you won't have to hold your ejaculation as well. Just let it go. Thanks to its cum-thru hole feature.

The plug comes in two length variants: 7.87 inches and 11.81 inches. Both variants will give you satisfaction, but depending on how deep you want to explore, that's your consideration. They are equal in diameter, 0.24 inch for that enjoyable urethral expansion.

To make cock-plugging enjoyable and hassle-free, make sure that this tool is sterilized. Your hands and package should be clean to avoid contracting a bacterial infection. Clean the plug right after by washing it in warm, soapy water.

Delight in a new kind of sensual bliss with the Black Ribbed Urethral plug. Buy now!
Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
A: 7.87 inches
B: 11.81 inches
A: 0.24 inch
B: 0.24 INCH