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Lusty Love Insert 5" Plug

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Enhance sexual desire and prolong your erection for a long-lasting play with the Lusty Love Insert 5” plug.

If you’re a man with grit and courage, this is the sex toy for you. With a length of 4.5 inches, you’ll be awakening those hidden points of pleasure dwelling deep within your penis. Its ridged design is intended to make it more challenging yet more stimulating. The ring does not only ensure that the plug won’t get lost inside but also provides a masculine accessory for your dong.

The Lusty Love Insert 5” plug is crafted from the finest stainless steel, a kind of metal that is rust-resistant. With proper care and handling, it will give you a lifetime service full of sensational encounters with your partner or with yourself alone.

A lot of people think that stimulation posts some risks, but they’re not aware of the simple steps to make it safe and enjoyable. To prevent bacteria from entering your sensitive urethra, keep hygiene in check by sterilizing the plug, washing your hands thoroughly, and using sterile lubricant.

It’s true that your urethra is ultra-delicate and is prone to tearing or cuts, but if you don’t rush, your pee hole will be perfectly fine. There’s a great way to insert a metal plug. Let gravity pull its weight with the help of lube and some gentle push. And, whatever you do, never ever use your saliva as lubricant. If you keep these reminders, you’ll have a fulfilling play without anything to worry about.

Entice your lady love to your bed and give her the honor of putting this plug in your penis. This act will not only make you horny to the core but will also foster a better bond between you and her.

Buy the Lusty Love Insert 5” plug for your delight and hers!

Color Silver
Style Smooth-finished wand with a loop
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 4.5in
Width 1.29in (ring), 0.38in (top), 0.18in (middle), 0.30in (bottom)
Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize before and after use, use with 100% sterile water-soluble lubricant