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You are a sex toy enthusiast, and you like to explore your body with the help of playthings that give you an elevated experience. Of course, you have a partner, but there are times when you like solo play. You sometimes prefer to control the sensations you provide to your sensitive spots. But, making these erotic indulgences can take a toll on you. Your libido sometimes goes overboard and wants to rub and force your juices out; But, your body is seldom exhausted and has its gloomy days. And when you are not adequately prepped, the sensuous playing becomes a drag, sometimes even painful, without the proper fluid to make each touch smoother.

Our bodies produce a massive amount of natural lube. In addition, specific organs naturally create their lubricant to make sex sensually satisfying. However, giving pleasure involves pressure and some friction, and when combined with an overflowing passionate action, it can sometimes cause discomfort, especially when not done correctly. Moreover, when you like exploring body parts that do not have regular lube like the ass, you may need the help of a reliable lubricant. That is where the Love Lube comes in handy.

This skin-friendly, water-based lubricant is as versatile as your sex drive. It can bring a new kind of freedom to your once limited kinky play; now, when you want it, you can get it! No more off days with this at your reach. Water-soluble lube is highly superior as compared to other oil-based or silicone consistent lubricants. Oil-based lubes are reactive to silicone or plastic-based sex toys. They are thicker, more challenging to work than the smooth, almost watery consistency of this lubricant. Enjoy your time without thinking of ruining your favorite dildo because this is highly compatible with these playthings.

Additionally, it will decrease painful friction when you rub sex toys over the aroused areas of your body. It's a great addition to your solo play when you don't have time for foreplay. But, of course, adding this lube to your regular session with your partner is going to lessen uncomfortable insertions. All you get is smooth, delightful intercourse.

Moreover, the Love Lube is easy to clean. You need some water and soap solution, and voila, you are good to go! This lube will not destroy your toys' chemical makeup or color even when you use it regularly. No nasty oil residue or weird smell on your favorite stainless steel or silicone love toys. The watery consistency of this lube does not leave any scent, so you can preserve your toys well.

The Love Lube is superior in quality, and it is contained in this stunning, light pink packaging. This has an easy squeeze tube for effortless access to the juice inside. Additionally, you can effortlessly slip this into your bag for your next conquest. Just make sure never to expose this to too much sun as it may disintegrate the composition of the lube.

Enjoy all your naughty plans, minus the uncomfortable pain. Celebrate satisfying rendezvous even on your dry days when you have the Love Lube at your disposal. Add this to your purchase today!

Color/Type Container: Pink; Lube: Transparent
Material Water soluble
Dimension Capacity: 4 fluids ounces
Dimensions 5.91 inches x 1.1811 inches (15cm x 3cm)