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Soft Desires 5" Plug with Ring

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What does it take to have the best orgasm? Maybe a prolonged, sensually stimulating foreplay, or you can experiment with a bit of change in environment? Some pills offer this kind of experience, yet still, there are invasive operations that promise to take your O-experience to the highest level.

But, you don't trust pills or any surgical interventions. You have done all the proper foreplay or have switched to several different moods, but still, you feel the same kinds of orgasm. Well, how about trying out the Soft Desires 5" plug with Ring for a climax to remember?

This item is a great introductory toy to start using a plug. It is made of excellent quality silicone, so you get to enjoy a highly bendable material with durability to make it last for a long time. In addition, this design is easy to maneuver with a designated hole where you will place your finger. What you have to do is douse this plug with a water-soluble lube and then carefully insert this into your urethra. Make a careful observation of any sharp pain during insertion; this is not a good sign. But, when you feel like the plug is slowly making its way inside, giving you a pleasant sensation as it moves, then it is doing its job well. Imagine all the passionate foreplay and the perfect vibe for sex rolled into one fantastic tool.

This item is a five-inch plug, so you will be sure to reach the deepest areas of your dick. It also has small, circular protrusions that will add friction and stimulation as it passes through the sensitive parts of the shaft.

This toy is not just for an excellent sexual ending. After all, any new sensation you feel as you explore your body is a price in itself!

Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 5 inches (129 mm)
Plug: 0.31 inch (8 mm)
Ring:1.25 inches (32 mm)