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Penis wands

You'll have the magic in you with our Penis Wands collection!

If you're not ready to pierce the shaft, you can still accessorize your penis. We have the perfect piece of jewelry for you in our Lustplugs Penis Wands collection.

The Penis Wands collection consists of several themes to fit for your magical penis. Ribbed, ridged, or beaded, the wands can be hollow with or without a removable cap. They also feature rings that act as adornment and support to keep it in place. The sizes also vary from a short 3-inch wand to a long 6-inch elder wand. Nevertheless, you will have a more fantastic look with your penis. You will absolutely feel your penis transform you into a bewitching wizard!

You won't experience any curses or hexes with our Penis Wands collection. The products are made from either medical grade stainless steel or body silicone which undergo various quality control procedures. As a result, they are free from any harmful chemicals like phthalate, BPA, dioxin, and latex. You won't have to worry about any allergic reactions. Since these materials are also sturdy, you will experience more weight and a fuller feeling. You won't have to worry about it breaking apart from your magical sexual energy.

Doubling as accessories and penis plugs, our Penis Wands collection provides both wonder and sensation. Once you've chosen the right wand for you, make sure to lubricate generously to insert it smoothly. The urethra has a narrow opening so you'll have an easier time with a large amount of lube. Always remember to insert and remove it only when you're flaccid. This way, you won't be able to harm yourself with any urethral injury. Once you're ready, simply insert the wand into your penis, and secure it in place. With the hollowed wands, you can wear for a long time and walk around with a sexual artifact. This will keep your wizarding wand healthy.

More than a piece of accessory, our Penis Wands collection can push you into a higher plane. Several users claim to feel a strong energy while wearing their item of choice from our collection. It gives them a boost in their self-confidence and a feeling of rock-hard transformation. Furthermore, you will also get stronger erections in wearing penis wands. These items can also treat erectile dysfunction, and the longer ones can give you intense stimulation through prostate play. No matter what style you choose, you will get a fantastic play.

Once you're done channeling your energy with the items from our Penis Wands collection, you can remove them easily and wash them. You can use antibacterial toy cleaner or water with mild soap to keep them clean. Afterward, you can let them dry and wipe them with a towel to keep them well-polished. After drying, you can store them in a safe, cool place. Make sure that your wands stored properly to keep their magical energy intact.

Dive into the world of magical pleasure with your very own from our Penis Wands collection!