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Insane Stiff Stick 9" Sounds

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Being well rounded in the use of sex toys and contraptions is a great advantage. When you need to start the engines for a good time, we introduce the Insane Stiff Stick 9" Sounds.

This amazing toy will awaken your wildest imagination and will push the limits on sex toys like never before. The toy is 9.25 inches long, and it is your choice whether you want a 0.43 or 0.47-inch diameter tip. If you are new to the world of probing, then you can play with this toy as it will give you just the comfortable size of an easy insertion, but will still deliver that great prostate massage you are looking for.

As you begin your journey in probing, you need to know that stimulating your urethra will give you immense pleasures beyond what you have been enjoying in a typical genital stimulation. This is because these tubes have a great number of nerve endings that will produce a new sensation that is sure to blow your mind.

It is important to start with clean hands and a sterile plug as the insides of your dick is extra sensitive to bacterial infections. You also have to make sure that the toy is free from unnecessary bumps or clamps and should be smooth as new. Be sure to be very generous with your lubrication as here lies the balance of a very pleasurable experience to a not so well first time encounter.

As you slide the probe inside the penis, you will feel a slight discomfort but, do not fret, this is very normal as the sensitive nerves around the cock are reacting. But as you continuously slip the plug inside, you will be awakened by the distinct pleasure it will give you, something totally different and a little more stimulating, as some will testify.

Grab this toy, and unleash your inner vixen with this plug now!

Color Silver
Style Straight Rod with a round tip
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 9.25 inches
Width 0.43 inch, 0.47 inch
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant