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Urethral Sounding Beads

Pleasing your cock can be very simple and straightforward. Give it a good rubbin' along with some lovin' and it can get as hard as a rock! So yes, getting an erection can be pretty easy. Sometimes, it can be too easy. The process can bore you and we bet that you're craving for a challenge. You lust after something that many women get every time during sex: your own version of penetration. Lucky for you, there are ways. The best way to achieve that is by using urethral sounds, which are more intense than the regular penis wands. Already jumped on the sounding wagon? We have something more in store for you.

You've probably caught on with urethral sounding and are now looking for something that will really test your cock's skills. In that case, using another style of urethral sounds are the better choice, pretty much like this collection of Urethral Sounding Beads that we have. These sounds are ready to take over your manhood and give you the sensation that you've only been dreaming about. For the thrill-seekers and professional urethral players out there, our Urethral Sounding Beads will take you over the moon and back more times than you can count.

Most of our Urethral Sounding Beads are made from high-quality stainless steel, but we do have a few which are made from silicone. Both materials used for our sounds are medical grade, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, non-porous, and non-toxic, making them safe to use inside the body. The various styles, features, and lengths each sound has will guarantee to give you a different kind of adventure every time. No two sounds are the same. Each product in this collection will have your sensations in a rollercoaster ride so wild that it's indescribable. You'll have to try it to know.

Getting a little nervous with the feeling they'll bring? You should be. These aren't your ordinary penis pokers. Urethral Sounding Beads--like any other type of sound--are designed to directly stimulate your prostate. However, don't get confused and think that these work differently from the regular urethral sounds, because they work just the same, only with more bumps along the way.

Before use, coat a generous amount of lubricant on the device. Place the tip of the sound on the opening of your urethra and just let gravity do its thing. The process will work better if your penis is flaccid, especially if you're using the J-shaped sounds like our Feel the Thrill and Blow Jab. Lubricate as you go to make the insertion easier. Pretty soon, it'll reach your peak and you'll get to enjoy the explosive euphoria every urethral player has been talking about.

Make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned with warm soapy water before and after use. It's best if you disinfect the sound with pure alcohol to kill off any remaining germs and bacteria. Wrap it with a soft cloth to protect it from getting scratched or nicked, then store it safely in a box until it's ready for the next session.

Are you still reading this? Go ahead and look around to pick your next best friend. You certainly don't know what you're missing.