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Penis plugs with rings

If you like it then you should definitely put a ring on it, and impress all those single ladies!

Whether you're simply starting out or already a penis plug connoisseur, you can definitely explore our exquisite Lustplug collection of Penis Plugs with Rings. This collection will engage you to try different delectable items that will give you a treat.

Our Penis Plugs with Rings collection offers two primary choices - penis plugs with ring handles and those with sperm stoppers. Penis plugs with ring handles generally feature a penis plug with a loop on one end. They look like small sensual grenade pins. These allow you to insert the penis plugs at the right length and pull them out easily. It will definitely hold your explosive load during your session.

Sperm stoppers, on the other hand, combine two of the best of your favorite sex toys - the penis plugs and the cock rings. These feature a ring that sits around the head of your penis and a stopper which is a tiny ball or a wand on a rod that goes inside your urethra. These little showstoppers can give you the pleasure of a penis plug and keeps them in place.

You deserve to be safe while you play that's why our Penis Plugs with Rings collection are made from quality materials. Usually, our products in this line are made of either silicone or stainless steel. You don't have to worry about allergies since all of the materials are free from phthalate, latex, BPA, and dioxin. To make sure of this, the materials undergo quality control which includes numerous tests, and certification from proper authorities. These ringed delights will keep you hooked in safety.

Once you've picked the right one - size, shape, and style - from our Penis Plugs with Rings collection, you can plug into your penis! First off, you need to keep in mind that flaccid does the deed whether you're inserting it or removing penis plugs. In every sexual play, make sure to stock up on lubricant. Since you will be inserting these into your urethra - a very narrow space mind you, nothing like a hefty amount of lube to help you plug it in easily. In addition, you would feel better if you lie down to let gravity make things easier for you.

For the penis plugs with ring handles, you can simply insert them slowly into your penis. Once you have the tip inside, you'll have no problem with the rest. The ring at the end will act as a stopper to prevent it from going too deep. On the other hand, for the sperm stoppers, you can slip the ring over your penis first with the pivot on the frenulum. Afterward, let the ball or wand slowly ease into your penis.

You can use the Penis Plugs with Rings collection for short foreplay or longer wear, specifically with Cum-Thru features. Once it's in, you will definitely understand the feeling of being penetrated. Not only does the penis plugs with rings give you a full feeling, but it can also give you a stronger erection, treat erectile dysfunction, and allow prostate play.

Check out our vast assortments of Penis Plugs with Rings from the Lush Erotica to the Rod of Ecstasy, and you will find the one to rule them all!