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Urethral sounds

Once you’ve decided to give urethral sounding a go, and you’ve got your equipment ready to use, it’s a simple matter of using it. While putting something in your urethra might sound simple, there’s a little more to it. This guide aims to take you through the entire process from start to finish, so you can enjoy safe and pleasurable sounding every time.

What is Sounding?

Urethral sounding is the process of inserting a large metal rod into the urethra. These rods can vary in length, allowing you to penetrate the body to various depths. Some like to even penetrate the full length of the urethra, stimulating as far as the bottom of the bladder.

While the traditional uses of sounds were entirely based in medicine, people who buy them for recreational use are entirely focused on sexual pleasure. Sounds can be enjoyable for a number of reasons, but the main focus for most people is the intense sensations they produce on the urethra. These sensations feel different for each person, so it’s hard to describe without experiencing it first.


To safely use a urethral sound, you need to a bit of preparation before you start. When you first start a session, you’re going want to use a sound which fits with little stretching or resistance. This lets you warm up your urethra before you move onto larger sounds.

You need to ensure your sounds are fully sanitised before you begin any session. With most good sounds, they will be made of either silicone or stainless steel. These are the easiest material to sanitise, as you can simply boil then to kill all the bacteria on the toy. Even if you cleaned your toy after the last use, it’s important to re-sanitise them before you begin, as during storage the sounds may pick up more bacteria. If you want to be completely sanitary, you can even use surgical gloves to ensure nothing from your hands gets into your urethra.

The next step is to lubricate. You need to thoroughly cover your sounds in plenty of lube, as well as the opening of the urethra on either the penis or vagina. Your lube also needs to be sterile, as some ingredients found in many variants of lubricant can irritate the urethra or even cause infections.

When you’re ready to start inserting the sound, position the tip just at the entrance of the urethra. You don’t need to push, but you should let the sound fall into the urethra with gravity’s help. For men, it can be easier to do this while the penis is flaccid.

Usually, during insertion you’ll reach a point where the sound naturally stops. When this happens, you mustn’t force it further, as this is likely to damage the urethra. Instead you need to wait, relax, and allow yourself to get used to the feeling of the toy inside you.

Once you’ve reached this point, you can experiment with the sound a little. Still being gentle, you can try moving it and out of the urethra by small amounts. You can also try adjusting the angle of penetration, as the urethra naturally bends as it moves towards the bladder. Whatever movements you try, keep lubricating the sound as necessary. If it dries out it can become quite painful.

If your sound begins to feel a little loose, or feels like it’s going in a little further than you like, then you can try switching to a larger size. It’s good to be cautious with this, as the opening of the urethra tends to be slightly wider than the tube itself. Just because it fits in the end of the urethra, it may not actually go in properly. It should be easy enough to tell, as one that is too large won’t move in easily like an appropriately sized sound.

When it comes to removing your sound, most of the time it will be very simple. There are a few exceptions though, mostly for men. Certain styles of urethral sound such as the Van Buren have much more pronounced curves, so they can only be inserted or removed while the penis is flaccid. Even if the sound can be removed while erect, you might prefer to wait until flaccid as it can be easier.

Using Sounds for Pain

For most people, pain will want to be something they avoid. Some people actually enjoy a certain level of pain during their sexual activities. Urethral sounds are a perfect tool for these people, and while it is risky, it’s definitely possible to enjoy sound pain play while sounding. This can either be done through slightly less lubrication, a different angle with the sound, or even incorporating electrical stimulation by attaching your sounds to a tens unit. Whichever method you decide to use, it’s important to pay attention to your body during this type of play as there’s a fine line between acceptable pain and dangerous pain.

Safety Tips

For the most part, as long as you take your time while using your urethral sounds, there shouldn’t be much risk of harm. There are however a few simple tips you can take advantage of in order to minimise the risk.

The first is to ensure you’re using the right kind of lubricant. We mentioned this earlier, but some kinds of lubricant can contain ingredients which can cause urinary infections. It’s important to find lubricants that are 100% sterile for urethral play.

The other large risk when sounding, is using a toy that is too big. Tearing the urethra is something you really don’t want to experience, and can have long term effects on your body. You should never be pushing your body too far, so the size of your sounds should be snug, but not too tight.

Sharing your urethral sounds is also a massive risk. Even if sanitised before you begin, after being inserted into one person’s body it will pick up bacteria from the inside of their urethra. Even bacteria which is not harmful to one person can be harmful when transferred to another body, so it’s always best to have separate toys for separate people.

The final tip is to only use properly manufactured urethral sounds in urethral play. Thermometers, pencils, and other household objects might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s never worth the risk. If something were to break inside your urethra it would be very difficult to get it back out.

As long as you are gentle and careful, and follow our simple tips, using urethral sounds should be a very simple and easy process. It’s worth learning the proper way to do it, as one bad experience might put you off for life. The pleasure from urethral stimulation can be amazing though, so it would be a shame to miss out just because you got in too much of a rush.

What is a Urethral Sound?

Urethral sounding was traditionally a medical procedure done to help with various urinary disorders. Some though, take great pleasure in the intense feelings provided by a sound. This is one of the most extreme and dangerous forms of sexual play, so it’s always a good idea to have some information before you start experimenting.

A Urethral sound is a long metal rod usually made from metal or silicone. They can be straight or curved, and are designed to be inserted into the urethra reaching deep into the urinary tract. Some even reach the prostate for internal stimulation in men, or even further, reaching the bladder itself. You might even use a sound with additional functions like vibrations or electrical stimulation for an even more pleasurable experience.

What Do You Do with One?

With something that was originally designed for medical procedures, you might be wondering what you could even do with it to make it sexual. Well anyone who has ever had a prostate exam might have felt some fairly nice things if they could get past the fact that someone has their finger up their bum. The same is true with urethral sounding.

The nerves in both the urethra, and deeper into the urinal tract are incredibly sensitive. Stimulating these areas can produce some incredibly intense feelings. It’s these feelings that sound users like to focus on, stimulating the urethra as well as the many sensitive areas around it such as the penis, prostate, or clitoris.

Sounding can also be combined with your regular masturbation. By putting pressure on the genitals internally, it pushes things outwards, making the already sensitive parts of the genitals even more tingly from the extra pressure. This makes your normal masturbation much more intense than normal, and can make the orgasms much more intense.

Why Do People Them?

So, the use of sounds can allow you to feel much more intense sensations within the urethra, but what’s the point? Both men and women like to engage in this kind of stimulation, so there’s obviously something more to it or why would they bother? The benefits of urethral sounding tend to be either physical, psychological, or a combination of the two.

At its simplest form, the intensity of the touches from the sound results in an amplification of many of the feelings you already experience during sex or masturbation. They might give you harder erections, stronger orgasms, longer sessions of pleasure, or even multiple orgasms. For men this will usually require stimulation of the prostate, and for women the clitoris.

Prostate stimulation is a bit of a hidden gem for men, and can feel incredible when done with a urethral sound. Most cases of prostate stimulation will either be done through indirect contact, either entering through the anus or externally by stimulation of the perineum. Prostate stimulation with a sound though, is a little bit of a different experience. This is because urethral prostate stimulation is the only way to directly make contact with the prostate. This stimulation can give you feelings of pleasure you might never have experienced before, and for some men, can even induce hands free prostate orgasms, which are some of the most intense possible.

Similarly, the female clitoris is mostly found below the surface of the body. Some even believe it connects directly to, or is a part of, the infamous G-Spot. Just as men are able to get some intense direct contact with their prostates, women can do the same for their clitoris and G-Spot. The orgasms produced can be unbelievably strong, enveloping the entire pelvis in warm fuzzy feeling.

Couples who enjoy some of the darker side of sex in BDSM or submissive roleplay might like to incorporate urethral sounding into their sessions. For the masochists out there, sounding can let you stimulate the urethra in ways that can be erotically painful, satisfying those urges. Similarly, sounds can be a great tool in any power play relationship, handing complete control of something as personal as the urethra over to the dominant partner.

Despite all this physical pleasure it’s possible to feel, some people still can’t bring themselves to try sounding. It is quite a weird thing to do after all and for some people, it’s just a little too much to take. Others though, revel in this, making everything that much more enjoyable. So, if you’ve ever enjoyed anything strange in the bedroom, maybe you should give sounding a try.

Men tend to have it a little worse on the psychological front. Sounding is a form of penetration, which penetrates the thing you usually use for penetration. That’s a lot of penetration! Some people might find it too difficult to get into it properly due to the emotional aspect of being penetrated in this way, so you might find a little bit of a barrier to getting started sounding. It will pass over time though, and once you experience some of the physical pleasure any worries you had are sure to quickly disappear.

Another often overlooked part of sounding is doing it as a couple. Women in particular are often looking for many ways to be more intimate (although men can be just as interested!) and sounding can provide one of the most intimate experiences possible. There’s no better way to show someone how much you trust them than by letting them perform some urethral sounding on you!


Anything you decide to insert into your body carries some level of risk with it. This is truer with urethral stimulation than it is with anything else. There are a few distinct dangers for any type of urethral insertion, but these are mostly easily avoided.

The biggest risk when stimulating the urethra is bacterial infection. The urethra is able to pick up bacteria much easier than some other parts of the body, and most of these bacteria has no problem finding its way to your bladder and causing urinary tract infections.

If you do manage to give yourself an infection through your urethra, it can become more serious and progress to both your bladder and kidneys. To prevent this, always make sure your sounds are 100% sterile, and it’s always worth giving them a wash before your sessions.

Just as these bacteria can come from a dirty sound, they can also come from your lubrication. While most forms of sex allow you to use the lube you find most comfortable, sounding is a little different. You need to avoid any lubrication which contains any sugars or other ingredients that might infect the urethra. Always buy 100% sterile lube for urethral penetration.

Once you’re into the practise of being clean and sterile during your urethral play, the only other dangers are entirely under your control. Most of these things are caused by either poor insertion technique, using the wrong sounds, or moving too quickly.

The simplest risk is from inserting your sound too quickly, or pushing too hard. Most sounds should be able to simply glide into the urethra once they are properly lubricated. A gentle push is fine, but any more than that should be avoided. If you find that your sound keeps sticking and won’t move any further, then giving it a slight turn might help free things up. If it still won’t budge, then it’s probably a bit too big, so you should try a smaller size.

Ignoring this and simply forcing the sound in is never a good idea. You’re likely to give yourself at best a sore urethra. At worst, you can cause abrasions and cuts, or may even puncture your urethral tube. Getting an injury like this will mean you aren’t able to sound for an extended period of time, and may even need surgery as well as rest.

A more extreme injury is a urethral stricture. This is essentially like when a hose becomes kinked and blocks the flow of urine leaving the body. If you end up doing this you’ll need one of a number of procedures to correct the problem, so a visit to the doctor will be in order.

The point of urethral insertion is to gradually stretch the urethra to accommodate larger and larger toys. If you take this a little too far though, you might overstretch or even tear the urethra. This can result in permanent incontinence problems, which is why you’ll always be told to take things as slow as possible while sounding, especially when going up to a larger size.

With safe practise, and proper insertion techniques, almost all of these risks are completely minimal. It’s entirely up to you how dangerous sounding is, so be sure to do your research before you begin. If you engage in urethral sounding and notice any pain or anything feels wrong, stop as soon as possible and be sure to consult a doctor. Be honest with them about what you were doing, as they may be able to help you avoid harm in the future.


Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as deciding you want to try urethral sounding and just picking one up. There are many different types of sound, each with slightly differing designs and being suitable for different levels of user, as well as different kinds of stimulation. Some are more suited to beginners, while others are only recommended for advanced users. The most common types of sound include:

  • Hank Sounds: These sounds are great for beginners. They are double ended, with each side of the sound being a different size. They also feature a small bump a few inches down the sound. These bumps are very useful as they stop you from inserting the sound too far.
  • Hegar Sounds: Possibly the most common type of sound used for sexual pleasure. These are also double ended, and feature a curved S shape. The curve makes them very comfortable to insert in the urethra.
  • Pratt Sounds: Pratt sounds are more of an intermediate urethral sound, designed for people with a decent level of experience. They look similar to Hegar sounds at first glance, but Pratt sounds are usually longer, and have a more pronounced curve.
  • Rosebud Sounds: These are another kind of sound that is suitable for beginners. They are only single sided, with the other end being slightly thicker to form a good handle for you to hold onto. They tend to be quite short, and the insertion end has a small bullet shaped piece on the end for extra stimulation.
  • Van Buren Sounds: Van Buren sounds are only for the most experienced and advanced sound users. They are long enough to reach the entire length of the urethra and stimulate the bladder. These sounds have a J-shape, which allows them to comfortably follow the curve of the urethra, although it does mean they can only be inserted or removed while the penis is flaccid.
  • Dittle Sounds: These are some of the shortest sounds available, and are perfect for people transitioning from penis plugs to urethral sounding. They have a straight smooth body, but the main feature is their ends. Dittle sounds have flat ends, which function perfectly as handles and can even be attached to other devices such as vibrators or electrical stimulators.

Which Should You Choose?

With such a range of urethral sounds available, you might not really be sure which you’d like to try. Aside from Pratt and Van Buren sounds, any type will be suitable for beginner use. Most first timers though will want something very simple, so will end up going for Dittle or Hank sounds.

More advanced users are likely to move onto Hegar, Rosebud, and Pratt sounds. These varieties allow you to experiment with many more diameters, curves, lengths and in the case of rosebuds, even different sensations from the bullet part.

The final sound on any user’s journey will be the Van Buren. These are the longest of the bunch, and allow you to directly stimulate the bladder if you choose to.

Despite all of these different decisions, the most important part of any sound you use will usually be the diameter. Diameter tends to be measured in either mm or a French scale which measures slightly differently. To convert a French measurement into mm, simple divide it by three.

As most kits will come with several sizes, you can usually simply move from the smallest into your kit to the largest over time. Be sure that if your sounds are double ended, you move up the sizes in the correct order or you might end up stretching things a little too far. It’s usually not recommended to increase size by more than 1mm at a time.

There’s a lot more to urethral sounds than simpler urethral toys like penis plugs. That’s without even getting started on how to properly insert them. With something that can be put so far into your body though, it’s important to be fully aware of the facts and be fully prepared for the experience. Once you’ve got your head around it all though, you can truly relax and focus on enjoying the experience.