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Prick Plugs 1 Set Sound

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Who says only a wet and tight pussy can guarantee a man's incredible orgasm?

If you’re left alone to do a solo play, take it with great pride and move on with it especially now that the Prick Plugs 1 set Sound is here to give you all the satisfying sensations that will uplift your spirit.

This excellent product comes with 4 plugs of varying shapes and designs, letting you feast on pleasure. They also come in varied lengths and diameters to let you experience unique sensations. Each plug is equipped with a stopper for easy grip and retrieval. They all feel smooth but very firm to get your cock full.

That’s because they’re made of 100% silicone, a material which is clinically proven to be safe for body use. We are also aware of the fact that the urethra is susceptible to bacterial infection, that’s why we guarantee that they can be sterilized as often as needed.

This is a urethral training kit made for men who want to explore the depths of their manhood. And as you are one of them, read on. Start with the shortest and smooth-textured plug for a gentle stretch of the tip of your urethra. When you’ve become used to it, it’s time to get to the next level. Remember, the more bumps and ridges, the greater the challenge. And with each challenge that you overcome, you’ll be greatly rewarded with abundant pleasure from the inside out.

For hassle-free enjoyment, ensure that everything is sanitized, including your genital area and your hands. Always use 100% sterile lube and apply a generous amount because the urethra lacks natural lubrication. Be gentle when inserting a plug to avoid tearing your delicate part. When you keep these in mind, you’ll fully appreciate the power of these plugs.

Make your solo play exhilarating with Prick Plugs 1 Set Sound. Buy your own set now and begin your sexploration!

Color Black
Style Set of 4 plugs with different designs
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 2.04 in..1.96 in., 1.77 in., 1.69 in.
Width 0.27 in., 0.31 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant