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Come-hither Piper 4" Penis Pumper

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How far can your manhood go? Find out with this cock plug, Come-Hither Piper 4-Inch Pumper.

This solid cock plug is made of high-grade stainless steel, a material known for its longevity and safety for body use. It’s also heat-resistant, allowing you to sterilize it as often as needed. With a length of 4 inches, it’s not for the faint of heart but for someone brave enough to explore what very few men dare to reach. Its smooth tapered design will provide gentle and gradual stretching to your delicate urethra. The bulbous end will prevent the plug from getting sucked in.

Like any other firsts, let this be a memorable one. Begin the ritual by sterilizing the toy. If you’re with someone, take a shower together to clean yourselves together thoroughly as this kind of play requires everything to be super clean. You may give your partner a pair of surgical gloves and sterile lube for her to appreciate and cherish the sensitivity and vulnerability of your manhood. Tell her to be generous with the lube as this will make the experience more enjoyable. Remind her also to be gentle and take things slow. She should stop when things get too tight; otherwise, she’ll be damaging her source of delight. That passage is extra-delicate and should be handled with great care.

When it’s completely in, you and your honey will be amazed at your steely, veiny meat. Never before have you seen such a mighty cock! With the steel inside your package, each gentle stroke and caress will be orgasmic! Your queen, being in awe, may provide you with erotically-charged oral sex. You may not be able to contain the burst of sensation from the inside out! Hold that explosion and gently remove the plug. Allow yourself to cum inside her as that’s what it’s all about.

Make her go gaga over your steely hardness by having Come-Hither Piper 4-Inch Penis Piper in your possession.

Color Silver
Style A long straight rod with a bulbous tip on one end
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 3.93in



top 0.31 in

Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize for 30 mins upon unboxing, then let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes for the succeeding uses. Sterilizing should be before and after use. Dry it before storing.