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4.7" Black Ribbed Catheter Rod

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There are some days when you are so horny, but you're also too lazy to jack off. No one can blame you; it does happen sometimes. After all, who doesn't want effortless self-indulgence? Don't worry. We got you. Get ready for some urethral lovin' with the 4.7" Black Ribbed plug.

This penis probe is one of a kind. It's made of high-quality silicone, a durable material widely preferred by sex toys industries worldwide. Hence, this plug is entirely safe for body use. Whether you are a beginner in plugging or have been using sounds for a while now, you'll surely want this toy to tickle your fancy—pun intended.

It looks neatly polished in black and has a very soft texture, so you're sure that you won't hurt your precious peen when you use it. It has an excellent ridged design that guarantees maximum stimulation. This climax stick measures 4.7 inches and is set to reach areas of ecstasy that you didn’t know about. And if you want to have a different kind of orgasmic high, you must give this magic wand a try. You can use it to fondle your prostate using a route that you haven't tread on before—and it's so worth it! A safety ring rests on the end of the plug so you can easily navigate it as you please. Of course, don't forget to lube up to make your session a more enjoyable one.

This plug also requires very minimal upkeep. As it is made of silicone, cleaning it is a pleasant walk in the park. Simply soak it in warm soapy water to gently wipe off all the excess lubes. Rinse it well and let it dry completely before keeping it for your next use.

It doesn't take much to please you, and the 4.7" Black Ribbed plug sure knows how to do it. Get this tool today so you can give a new meaning to "plug and play!"

Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 4.72 inches
Width: 0.18 inch (tip), 0.30 inch (widest)