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Peniscopy 15" Urethral Sounding Rod

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Sounding was solely a medical practice which is becoming a popular source of sexual pleasure these days. Why would men insert something through their urethra? It’s human nature to explore the body and find the points of incredible sensations.

With sounding, you get the chance to explore your inside and stimulate the parts that you wouldn’t have access to with the help of a toy like our Peniscopy 15” Sound. And, if you have a fetish for any medical-related object, then this is just the right toy for you. With 6 sizes to choose from, surely there is something for everyone. When you place your order.

Having a length of 15 inches, this sound will provide you with super-deep penetration that only a select few would dare to try. But given your drive to explore what’s deep within, you’ll definitely find it fulfilling.

The Peniscopy 15” Sound is made of silicone, a material that is clinically proven safe for body use. It has an ultra-soft surface for easy insertion. Adding to that, silicone is a high-grade material that can be sterilized repeatedly without getting deformed or damaged. The ball bump will keep it in place. This will be inflated with water injected through the catheter.

If you’re having a roleplay, make sure that your partner is trained to do the procedure in order to make it realistic and safe as well. Enjoy an overload of different sensations flowing through your body. Savor the unique pleasure of getting stimulated in the bladder and celebrate this great triumph your manhood has achieved. Your partner will also be euphoric simply by watching you driven to climactic brink. Astonish her with your hard cock and reward her with a hard fuck after the sound has been removed.

If you’re wired to explore the depths of pleasure, be sure to buy this Peniscopy 15" Sound for a more fulfilling sex-ploration.

Color Yellow
Style Silicone tube with a tapered front end with a hole, a ball bump, and a Y-branch on the opposite end
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length: 15.35in
Width: 4mm, 4.7mm, 5.3mm, 6mm, 6.7mm, 7.3mm.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant

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