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Man-Creampie Maker 14" Beaded Silicone Sounds

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Are you craving for a new kind of pleasure that you have not experienced before? If you haven’t tried sounding, perhaps it’s high time that you do! And there’s no better sex toy to help you achieve that than the Man-Creampie Maker 14” Beaded Sounds.

A plug is essential to sounding. With the Man-Creampie Maker Beaded Sounds, you not only have one size to choose from, you actually have three choices! Yes, you heard that right! This type of plug comes in three different sizes (based on width) - 0.19in, 0.27in, 0.35in. Each of these come with two glans rings measuring 0.98in and 1.18in.

The Man-Creampie Maker Beaded Sound is 11.81in long. As for the 0.27in and 0.35in options, they have the same length of 13.77in. The great thing about the three various sizes is that you can opt to buy one or get all three! It’s all up to you! You can get the smallest size first and then gradually move onto the bigger sizes.

Before using, don’t forget to clean this penis pump with water and antibacterial soap. For added safety measure, you can use alcohol as well. When it’s time to use the Man-Creampie Maker Beaded Sounds, don’t forget to relax. Lubricating the penis and the Man-Creampie Maker Beaded Sounds before insertion can make the experience smoother.

Once you have inserted the Man-Creampie Maker Beaded Sounds into the urethra successfully, you will be able to feel sensations that can bring you immense pleasure.

If you are new to sounding, start with the shorter and smaller version. Once you get the hang of it, then you can try the longer and thicker versions of the Man-Creampie Maker Beaded Sounds.

Color Black
Style Silicone plugs in Three Sizes
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 11.81in.,13.77in.
Width 0.19in.,0.27in.,0.35in.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use