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Cock Clogger 5" Sound

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Celebrate your manhood with our Cock Clogger 5" Sound! The design of this particular model came from the constant improvements of the plug. It stems from the need to give increased stimulation into the urethra, which is lined with a lot of very sensitive nerve endings.

This probe is made from premium grade silicone which is perfect because of the flexibility and longevity of this material. It has a ribbed design to produce a very distinct sensation and last but not the least, this toy actually vibrates for that added kink. The length of this plug is 4.7 inches with varying widths for that arousing stretch inside the shaft.

As you start in probing, always remember that keeping the toy sterilized is a priority. It is also very important to wash your hands, your penis and balls to have a clean surface to play into. Lubrication is also important to make your insert a little bit easier.

As you glide the plug inside, you will feel a little uncomfortable but do not worry as this is a normal initial reaction. As you come to enjoy the mind-blowing arousal of cock stuffing, you will forget how you ever lived without this kind of high! Just feel your cock become as hard as ever and finish into an explosion of pleasure like never before!

Play with yourself and explore the world of erotic high with these toys or watch your lover fulfill his dick dreams with this plug stuck in his cock. You can choose the color according to your mood. This model is available in 4 hues that vary from a playful pink to an elegant black.

So reward your dick for being a good boy, grab this toy now and watch your package cry in utter pleasure!

Color Pink, Black, Purple
Style Beaded style with a vibrator housing, button, and a connected ring
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length: 4.7 inches
Width: 0.2 inches, 0.3 inches
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant