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Johnson's Jackhammer 6" Prince Wand

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A knight in shining armor deserves to wield a sword to be used in battle. Because you’re the epitome of a mighty warrior, decorate your manhood with a piece of jewelry shaped like a sword. Dressing up your package with the Johnson’s Jackhammer 6” Prince Wand gives you tremendous amounts of pleasure because you deserve that honor. And if you have a Prince Albert piercing, you definitely have to complement it with this stainless-steel wand.

The Johnson’s Jackhammer 6” Prince Wand features a ribbed design that will heighten the sensations during an“In and Out” stimulation. With a maximum width of 0.32 inch, it will surely make you feel stuffed down there. With a total length of 6 inches, it will take an incredible descent to stimulate your prostate. The P-spot, being the most erogenous part, brings the purest, most powerful big O in men, but very few would dare to do such probing. However, since you’re one valiant, brave warrior, you take this wand to be your ultimate weapon to combat a boring and monotonous sexual activity.

For nights when a beautiful maiden is not around to please you, take this mighty sword out and allow it to give you company. A hero like you deserves a great time full of elevated sensual enjoyment and gratification. If you happen to be with a horny, lustful damsel hungry for some erotic-filled delight, this great wand will make you a gallant lover. Your damsel will be pleased to give you help in plunging this sword into your "johnson" and will be completely turned on as she watches your cock gradually turning into a beastly fighter.

Entice her to pleasure you with her lips and tongue so you can lose yourself in the chasm of pleasure. Getting “eaten” with this wand in your cock is going to be truly breathtaking. When it’s time to give what she’s been craving for, take off the wand and bang her until sunrise.

Unleash the power of your manhood and rescue a sex-starved damsel with Johnson's Jackhammer 6" Prince Wand!

Color Silver
Style Ribbed rod with a sword design
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 5.9in.
Width 0.17in., 0.32in.
Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize or use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant