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Intoxicating Behaviors 2" Plug

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Take a leap into a whole new world of pleasure with the Intoxicating Behaviors 2” plug. This device will give you pleasures beyond your imagination as it will caress the deepest, sweetest corners of your cock.

In case you didn't know, the ureters contain a countless number of very sensitive nerve endings that can be activated through the use of a metal plug. Others will even say that ureter stimulation can give off stronger orgasms as compared to the ordinary genital climax!

As you begin your journey into using a plug, you have to understand that the ureters are very sensitive, that is why it is imperative for you to ensure that the plug is free from abnormal bumps and should be as smooth as new. Furthermore, always make sure that you are using a clean and sterile plug and never forget to wash your hands as the insides of your dick is very quick to respond to bacterial exposure.

You should also be very generous with your water-soluble lubrication as they will make inserting the plug through the dick, easier. As you try to place the plug inside, be sure to listen to your body as it may be a little uncomfortable for the first time but, as you relax and let the plug sit right in, you will be in awe at the great satisfaction each movement this tool will make.

The design of this particular toy has the right girth and length for a good cock hardening. It is 2.1 inches long with a ribbed design which has variations of width with .35 inches being the largest diameter. The different degrees of size will create alternate sensations that will make you moan for more! Experience a whole new world of lust and take the plunge into plugs.

Grab our Intoxicating Behaviors 2” plug and experience stimulation that will keep you drunk in pleasure for a very long time!

Color Silver
Style Ribbed with a flat base
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length: 2.1 inches

Width: 0.6 inch,

Biggest rib/bead- 0.35 inch,

smallest rib/bead- 0.2 inch

Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-soluble lubricant