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Dance to the Disco Stick 5" Wand

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Also called cock stuffing or sounding, the insertion of a long metal rod into the urethral opening is by no means a joke. Actually, many men like doing it, either for the sheer pleasure of feeling their manhood go really hard for quite a long time or for the pain that’s usually craved by those into BDSM play.

The Dance to the Disco Stick 5" Wand is no magic wand but it might as well be. When used right and with the utmost care, it can give you incredible sensations you’ve never experienced before. It’s made of hypoallergenic and BPA free surgical stainless steel. And because it’s non-porous, it’s pretty easy to clean and store in between sessions. Just wash thoroughly with warm water and a bar of antibacterial soap or spray with 75% alcohol to disinfect.

The Dance to the Disco Stick 5" Wand is tapered for that unique onslaught of sensations that you’ll only get via stimulation. Curious how an orgasm via prostate stimulation through the urethra feels? This is the sound for you, with its perfect 5-inch length and 0.35-inch width. Its narrowest point is at 0.1 inches, which is the part that you first insert into your dick.

Introduce your dick to a bevy of incredible sensations with the Dance to the Disco Stick 5" Wand. Use it to carefully massage your urethra as part of masturbation or as a plug during BDSM play. Use small, gentle strokes and be sure to apply lots and lots of sterile lube. We’re telling you, you can’t use too much when it comes to sounding.

The Dance to the Disco Stick 5" Wand ends with a ball on one end right on its widest point. It’s smooth, hard and long lasting – much like your erection will be!

Color Silver
Style Ribbed cylindrical design with a spherical head and a hollow core
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 5.31 in.

0.35 in.

Tip: 0.1 in.

Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with sterile lubricant