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Love Arrow 5" Plug With Removable Tip

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Not all plugs are created equal and the Love Arrow 5" plug With Removable Tip is a real stand out you won’t want to miss. Made from premium quality surgical stainless steel, this fantastic little toy is handcrafted to provide you with mind-blowing sensations with each stroke. It’s smooth, strong and long lasting – exactly how plugs are meant to be.

Make the Love Arrow 5" plug With Removable Tip a part of your growing urethral toy collection and take your kinky play to undiscovered heights you’ve never even dreamed of. Insert this gorgeous masterpiece into your urethra during masturbation and watch your dick get harder and stronger with each touch as it gives you incredible waves of pleasure – one after the other. Every inch is designed to stretch your insides and massage the walls of your urethra, building pressure and making the tip of your penis thousand times more sensitive.

The Love Arrow 5" plug With Removable Tip is the ideal partner for all your play sessions as it’s non-porous and built solidly free of unwanted bumps and edges. The shaft is tapered with graduations that will simply feel amazing. It comes with a removable tip which allows for plenty of variations when you’ve had enough of the usual. The tip ends with a ball that acts as a stopper to help protect you from over insertion and make removal a breeze. The ring is meant to be worn around the glans penis adding pressure right where it matters.

Enjoy deep sensual massages on your urethra and experience a whole new world of sensations with the Love Arrow 5" plug With Removable Tip. It’s an excellent plug that will make a lovely addition to any lustful man’s collection, yours especially.

Color Silver
Style Ribbed-tapered wand with detachable bulbous tip and ring
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length: 5.31 in.
Diameter: 0.39 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with sterile lubricant