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Deep Dick Diver 6" Wand

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Have you lost your appetite for sex because the feeling has always been the same? If you have, then give this Deep Dick Diver 6” Wand a try to experience rich new sensations.

The Deep Dick Diver 6” Wand features an exquisite design. It’s tapered on both ends and thick in the middle. The insertable rounded tip will definitely give your prostate a nice tickle, while the ball on the other end ensures that the wand stays where it should be and nowhere else. This tail ball also allows easy retrieval after each play.

Crafted from the best of class stainless steel, this wand is safe to be inserted in your delicate urethra. Why? Because stainless steel is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and non-toxic, so it comes as a no surprise that it’s used widely in the medical field. This stainless wand also guarantees longevity because it’s resistant to rust. Handle it with care and it will serve you for many years to come.

This wand is designed for a man who is bold and daring to explore his depths in search for one of the rarest kinds of sensations. With a length of 6 inches, it will surely give your prostate a direct stimulation, and doing so will magnify all the wonderful titillations. Prostate stimulation will also guarantee hard and long-lasting erection that most women crave for.

Use this toy in your foreplay, and let her be in charge of stuffing your cock. This act will deepen your intimacy and strengthen your bond. Take delight in the gentleness of her hands, and she’ll be completely turned on by simply watching you driven to the edge of climax. Linger in that bliss but don’t forget that your lady needs her stuffing, too. So, take that cock wand off and give her a hard fuck all night or all day long.

Your quest for a rare form of pleasure is finally over with Deep Dick Diver 6” Wand. Buy it now to savor all-new indescribably wonderful sensations!

Color Silver
Style Tapered design on both ends that thickens in the middle with a 0.27in tail ball
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6in.
Width 0.27in. (tail ball), 0.4in., 0.15in. (tip)
Instructions for Cleaning Sterilize before and after use, use with sterile water-soluble lubricant