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Lick My Love Liquor 10" Sound With Ring

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Like many kinds of kinky play, if you do thorough research and do everything carefully with lots of sterile lube, there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot give yourself or your lover an amazing time with a bit of sounding without ending up at the A&E. Enthusiasts of the practice can’t stop talking about the magnified sensations; the amazing feeling of being penetrated in an entirely different way and the electrifying orgasms. Oh, and let’s not forget the rock hard erections!

The Lick My Love Liquor 10" Sound With Ring is not one for use by those still grappling with their first or even second plug. It’s quite long for one, 10 inches to be exact, and it comes with ridges and bumps along its shaft meant for those who have achieved a specific level of expertise with cock stuffing, as the practice is much more commonly known.

It has the same thickness all over its length, 0.31 inches, but what it lacks in width variety it makes up for in length and exciting textures. Made from 100% body-safe, non-porous, medical-grade stainless steel, it’s smooth all over, up until you get to the parts where the whorls and beads are. Experts have found these variations quite mind-blowing especially when used to massage the urethra gently and ever so slowly.

The Lick My Love Liquor 10" Sound comes with a ring that is worn just under the mushroom-shaped glans penis. This helps in keeping the sensations pooled where it should, providing a long-lasting, rock hard erection that your lover will surely thank you for – with her mouth, we hope! And when she does, make sure you still have this sound inserted into your penis – the climax will simply be to die for!

Color Silver and a black silicone ring
Style J-contoured rod with a curved ring holder; beaded, smooth, and ribbed design
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length: 9.8 in.
Diameter: 0.31 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with sterile lubricant