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Can You Make Your Own Penis Plug?

Some of you out there prefer to do things by yourself, rather than relying on store bought devices. This is always true of sex toys, and you’ll find countless stories of toothbrush vibrators or cucumber dildos. So naturally, some people might want to make their own penis plugs.

The urethra is a very sensitive part of the human body, and should anything get in there that isn’t supposed to, you are very likely to suffer from urinary tract infections. It is also worth considering that very few people will be fashioning their homemade penis plug from steel, so it will be much more fragile. If it breaks while inside you, you are almost never going to get it back out, so will probably need surgery to get things back to normal.

With these two things in mind, you should never make your own penis plugs, or insert other objects into the urethra. It just isn’t worth the risks, and will almost certainly go wrong.

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